Shipper/receiver telling you to turn off your truck to get loaded

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  1. well you're definitely lucky...must have been going nice and slow and easy to get some of these idiots that can't drive and they check rabbit away and next thing you know you're sliding right off the back.. come back from the hospital workman's comp pins and staples in your feet and your legs and your back to put you back together again like Humpty Dumpty .
    and every time you fly you set off every metal detector under the sun no matter where you go
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    Sorry driver I was sliding back and accidentally put the boom through your roof
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    ^^^ THIS^^^
  4. MGE Dawn

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    And when in doubt, ask. Worst they can say is no
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  5. that's what I said a few times on this post. lot of times you ask them many just tell you sure.. all we need you to do is just drop your trailer and pull forward sometimes you have to go inside back with a indoor dock going to take them hours.. a lot lot of times it's a sure just go ahead drop your trailer pull outside the garage door will get you when finished.
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    Nov 19, 2018
  7. Lepton1

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    Every shipper or receiver has their own set of rules, especially when it comes to safety. Those rules are often implemented after the fact, after near misses, injuries, or fatalities. That forklift driver is lucky to be alive.

    Regarding the OP question about the no idling policy, it is often due to state or local air quality or noise ordinances. Usually it's to absolutely prevent incidents like in the video. Many receivers will have you disconnect the red air line and put a lock on it. Many will take your keys. If you have an extra set of keys and start your truck you will be banned from those customers and may jeopardize the account for your company.

    Last year I worked for the largest expedited freight service in the oil industry. My terminal in OKC started and grew a "drive away" program, driving tractor trailers for customers from point A to point B. That program grew quickly to 42 drivers dedicated to the DA program and at times got so busy they asked owner operators like me to handle moves.

    Then it all went to ####. Because of a few idiots that couldn't seem to follow customer safety rules, the DA program lost its biggest customer. Of the 42 dedicated DA drivers it was paired down to 18. That's 24 families without a bread winner biggest some dumb ####s couldn't bring themselves to follow customer rules.

    We had begged the terminal manager to get rid of the bad eggs. He chose to have intervention meetings instead. Hard headed truck drivers that just NEED to break a rule here or there put folks lives and livelihoods at risk.

    Just. Follow. The. Rules.
  8. MartinFromBC

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    Oct 19, 2018

    Many things that we load and unload in my area, nobody can even be in the truck, or within 50 meters of the truck.
    Park, shut it off, and walk away.
    Its a safety measure incase the cab gets crushed.
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  9. D.Tibbitt

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    Just hook up to a deck and forget about hittin a dock
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    I'm sure you deal rules that can bug equally as much still tho. I used to deliver to Mital steel in conshohocken pa and that place was worse than and grocery warehouse or Walmart that I had to deal with. There would be a line of skateboarders a half a mile long in that place waiting to get loaded.
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