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Discussion in 'Swift' started by Lonewolf2000, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Nov 5, 2017
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    Does the sleeper on swift trucks have a fridge or coffee maker?. I was going to get the coleman chilled cooler to bring food for the road. Bringing my own food to save $$ and my waste line. But if their trucks have a fridge I will not buy Coleman. If no coffee maker I will bring that too, coffee is my friend I need it for 11 hours of driving.
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    Oct 27, 2015
    No, they don't have appliances. The new trucks do have inverters installed but there's less chance you would get one being a new driver. I used Coleman coolers for years and they work fine. Every truck stop has coffee.
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    Depends on your company. My truck has a fridge, APU, and a microwave. But this was the only company that's ever specced their trucks this way
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    That's a bit too fancy for company trucks for new driver hires in particular.

    We provided our own inverter big enough to drive a Mr Coffee on the sleeper floor cabinet of our century, the coleman cooler went into the opposite cabinet. And there was a small 300 watter inverter to drive the laptop from the front cab 12 volt supply. That one lasted about a decade before it finally burned through the insulation built into it.

    We gained special permission to installed the inverter at the Armarillo Freightliner behind the new TA that replaced the burned down 76 mid town. They did a good job with nice fat gauge stranded cabling to all the batteries and our alternator. Warranted too.

    The rest of the the television 12 volt 120 volt model from 1998 purchased at the TA in Ann Arbor came in very handy on 9-11. We were able to maintain any channel that existed east of the Mississippi for three weeks after 9-11 with that thing. We still have it and it's working great.Congress did provide and pay for a DTV digital television converter back in 2003ish so that we could continue to use it. We got two, one is hiding somewhere as a spare.
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    Ignore the last two replies above. They have nothing to do with the Swift trucks you asked about in this Swift thread.

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