Snake oil at East St Louis Pilot (exit 4 i70 illinois)

Discussion in 'Truck Stops' started by phroziac, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Hey Phroziac, how long ago was your encounter with this guy, do you remember? sixteen years ago When I was 14 my brother and I like a couple idiot kids ran away from home we ended up 1500 miles away in Springfield Missouri in the middle of the winter starving and sleeping in dumpsters this guy took us in and bought us warm clothes and fed us then drove us back home to utah a week before christmas so that we could be with our family. The clutch in his car went out in Green River, Ut so we had a couple of our friends drive down to Green River from slc and pick us up then we left him with a burned up clutch in Green River. At the time we didn't stop to think about how messed up it was to just leave him broke down in the middle of no where like that. I have been trying to track him down in order to express my gratitude for what he did for my brother and me. The only thing that I really had to go on was that he was selling bottles of polish with cheap labels that said Uncle Mac's at the truck stop where he found us. If you have anymore info that might be useful in tracking him down please post it. Thanks in advance for your help man.
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    He is not on the forum anymore.

    No stars under the name.
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    A lot of the guys mix polish sticks and diesel.
    It works, and shines, but is only about $1 worth of ingredients.

    I was sitting in my truck in Fontana a few weeks back and a guy came to sell me this "incredible" cleaner.
    Spray bottle... only $10.

    I agreed wholeheartedly about the stuff, and told him I used it all the time cause it works on bugs on windshield better than anything else I have found.
    Then I showed him my bottle of "Totally Awesome" that I already had in my side box.
    I get it for $2 at Dollar General.

    These "price scams" are all over, and have been for 20 years.
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