So i had my truck searched on friday

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by eckz, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Passin Thru

    Passin Thru Road Train Member

    Mar 8, 2007
    Joetro, When you are perfect, then you can put a sharp stick in someone's (Note the punctuation so you can read this) eye. Maybe he didn'nt have a 4 year English degree from Stanford. Alway's someone to be the Correct Police.
    Now; as for punctuation, indent your first word in a paragraph.
    Pleas feel free to correct my English as I write OKIE.:biggrin_25516:
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  3. wdstk69

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    Sep 19, 2008
    noblesville indiana
    picky, picky, we stand corrected. thank you for your, notation!,!! WOODSTOCK
  4. Pur48Ted

    Pur48Ted Road Train Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Grand Rapids, MI
    MOST of the time, I have NO IDEA what exactly I am hauling. I do know: in GENERAL terms what it is. The BOL lists only the product by a NUMBER.
    I arrive at shipper, THEY open my doors and I back into the dock. THEY load the truck, I am not even allowed on the dock. When loaded, I pull the truck up, THEY shut and seal the trailer. I go get the paperwork and leave. That is required by the shipper for safety. I DO know what the load temperature is set at. There is an alarm in the truck and at Dispatch that goes off if the temperature gets "out-of-range", and believe me, they call with-in 30 seconds if the reefer shuts off or goes out of range.
    If Law Enforcement wishes to break the seals and open the doors for inspection, they have two numbers to call first. If they don't, I call and they are in DEET SHIP.
  5. Harold Pittman

    Harold Pittman Bobtail Member

    Dec 18, 2008

    I read your post but i can understand what you want to say. Can you tell me in brief so i will understood. Thanks...
  6. nyc truck inspector

    nyc truck inspector Bobtail Member

    Oct 5, 2008
    ny ny
    i have to be able to articulate the reason why i opened your truck . if the driver himself does not know whats inside how can i be sure its loaded safely and properly placarded if hazardous ." i dont know what i have , here is the shipping papers " . when your company complains and realizes thier own employee could not explain what was in the truck i think you would be the one in deep #### . if you had a half a brain and could present the proper paperwork and articulate why your load should not be checked there would be no problem . save your boss some money and time and figure out what you are talking about before shutting his truck down.

    MGASSEL Road Train Member

    Mar 27, 2007
    The out of range alarm is not special to your reefer they are on all reefers now days but they only work if there is a truck attached to the trailer as it works off the qualcom.

    If you are not allowed to check the load then you should not haul it unless it is a repowered load.

    Your behind is on the line if something happens to that load sure the company has insurance if something would happen but they will look back to you for the money it costs for the claim.

    If you do not check the load and it is hazmat the shipper loads leaking containers who's fault will it be that there is hazmat stuff all over the interstate.
    It will be yes the fault of shippers, drivers, and company that you work for.

    But who in the end will the shaft the driver will as the driver must inspect the loads to make sure there are no leaking boxes,barrel's,etc.

    You also must check to see if there are any things loaded that can not be transported togeather.

    I see that you have 15 years experince but they way your post makes you look is like a rookie.
  8. rockee

    rockee Road Train Member

    Apr 17, 2007
    Pacific Northwest
    Why should a driver have to articulate why his trailer should not be checked. Best I could do is say I just picked it up at the rail yard and here is the paperwork with whats inside and matching seals, placards if nessesary.

  9. Powder Joints

    Powder Joints Subjective Prognosticator

    Sep 25, 2007
    Rosamond, SoCal
    There are certain areas that citys or states systematicly watch because of the high crime in that area, and if you pull over and stop for no apperent reason they will come and check it out. Hard to say what was up with this troper,but he may have had a reason for what he was doing. If you are stopped and you dont believe there is a reason, have them call out a supervisor, call in on your cell and request it if the trooper denies it or refudes to call him out. Here in Cal I have more than once, and had them send out a supervisor. But this may also increase your odds of a ticket if the stop was justified. If you were on a interstate is it emergency parking only, here the stop it self could have gotten you a ticket, for stopping on an interstate without an emergency. And CHP stop and check on stopped/parked veficles all the time.
  10. dieselbear

    dieselbear Road Train Member

    Oct 18, 2008
    You need to be careful or illegal wiretapping laws. It is illegal in most states to record someone's voice without their consent.
  11. Pur48Ted

    Pur48Ted Road Train Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Grand Rapids, MI
    First of all, the company I drive for does NOT haul HAZMAT. What we DO haul is controlled by the SHIPPER. The SHIPPER is responsible to load and secure the load. The RECIEVER is responsible to UNLOAD. THAT is the way the SHIPPER wants it. THAT is what the SHIPPER pays for. It is the SHIPPER's decision to keep the drivers off the dock and I am just FINE with it. The loads are ALMOST always under 10k, and most of that time they are far below that. Sometimes we carry only one or two skids, as an example, I picked up three skids in Bristol and took them to San Jose. Total weight? About 680lbs. The value of loads we carry are sometimes in excess of $7 to $10 million (yep- that's what I said.) What are the chances my employer would put a "rookie" in charge of that? I mean really. Just goes to show you really don't know what you are talking about. Oh, although we do use SatTrac, we don't use "Qualcom".
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