Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc. - Texarkana, Ar.?

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  1. Magoo2003

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    Jan 15, 2007
    I will soon be attending a 3 week driving course to get my CDL, and am checking out comapnies to find which will be best for new drivers as far as pay, safety, truely driver & family oriented etc...

    I would like to get some feedback about Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc. in Texarkana, AR. from anyone who has driven for them. Are they good to work for? What type of pay? What kind of miles do you get?

    Right now Schneider is at the top of my list as far as what Im looking for, but any suggestions for other companies are welcome.Thanks for any input!
  2. devildice

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    Nov 29, 2006
    I have "heard" that SRT is a very decent outfit. I spoke with one of their recruiters before and was very impressed with her. I sent her an email a few days ago and within an hour, I had a voice mail from her thanking me for the email and that she was glad to hear I was still considering them.

    I was concerned at one point early on because I heard they were bought out by Convant. When I asked the recruiter about it, she said that yes Convant had a financial interest in SRT, but SRT operated as it's own entity.
  3. Magoo2003

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Thanks for the reply devildice. I have not seen any posts that show them to be a bad company, and also exchanged email with a former driver (not driving now for health reasons) who said they would go back to SRT in a heartbeat if they were able. Sounds like a very good company all in all.
  4. DirtyJoe

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    Jan 27, 2007
    SRT is indeed owned by covenant,the story they tell everyone is that its a stand alone part of cov. and that cov doesnt tell em what to do basically.they claim its only a finacial relationship.
    the reason they do this is when covenant bought them out a few yrs ago the drivers that leanred the truth quit em and they found they had a hard time recruiting new drivers after telling em that they was a subsidiary of covenant.
    they came up with this cover story and for the most part it works cuz no one really knows that whole story and each person that works there in their terminal has a differant version of it.the old timers who do know it say little about it due to fact that some have been fired for out right explaining it.

    as for the company itself,ive worked for em for 6 months or so and was promised alot and recieved very little.they said average week would be 2700 to 3200 miles with more if you could run it. ive seen 3000 one time in last 3 months .now while i was on my trainers truck after a week of doing the solo deal we decided to run my training as a team endeavour,and thanks to creative logging 101 we turned some very decent miles,but since getting my own house we both have had very low miles.

    the tell ya about their lovely bonuses which are un attainable.0.01cpm fuel bonus which is impossible due to the fact every few months they change requirements for how long of an idle time your allowed percentage wise,and also if u happen to have the truck running at midnight on wendsday night it automatically jumps ur idle percentage to 100% then u gotta run like a rapped ape to get it down again.
    and they got a saftey bonuse which more then likely u wont see either..i think its 0.02 cpm for a solo driver who turns more then 33000 in the quarter,and has no incidents or non preventable accidents,sounds reasonable enough,but your mileage is dictated by dispatch,dont get dispatched enough miles to run 33000 even if ya wanted to and was more then capable ot it,too bad no bonus for you.

    they claim they got direct deposit ..yeah directly deposited to your commcard..then you pay a fee to get it or transfer it to your banking institute.

    they've got medical and dental plans as well but the cost is so high as to be laughable,they however think the plans are great so dont try argueing the fact.
    half the dispatchers have little to no experiance dispatching,and they have new dispatcher's with under a yrs experiance trianing new ones they imagine how your interactions in that department will go.

    the terminal in arkansas they have is rather nice but if you go there ask yourself why so many trucks are sitting on the lot and arent out on the run making money.

    all in all it is what it is.a small company that got bought out by a larger one and is now expanding faster then they can afford too.and doesnt have the managerial capacity to utililze its personell as it should.
    you cant run 800 trucks with only enough miles for the 325 trucks you had last year.

  5. joendeniese

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    Oct 27, 2006
    I've only spoken with one driver with SFT. He wasn't happy. Says he wasn't getting enough miles to even make a livable wage. (And this was during the time when freight should have been plentiful..)

    Do try USF GLen Moore. They NEVER did us wrong.. And Spouse is still driving for them after 3 1/2 years. (Call Johanna in Carlisle PA recruiting.. She used to drive and won't lie to you.)
  6. ladyredrose23

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    Dec 14, 2008
    golden valley,Az
    Hey magoo, don't believe half what you hear from SRT drivers,most experienced drivers when asked about thier company they'll say its ok!! its a good company!! Bull!! they are the pits, maybe years ago they were ok but not any more,Justin the owners son is an ### and don't care about you, they'll sell you down the river..I worked for the for 3months and done my part [for those of you who may think it was me with the problem]I can't count the drivers who thought they were the pits!! Please find another company because there are good ones out there..the good reviews you heard about SRT are mostly from the same person they are bad news and will spoil you from wanting to be a trucker I would hate to see that as trucking is a good business I've been driving for over 10yrs and been with alot of good ones and bad ones talk to an old timer thats an owner/operator they'll set you straight.
    Good luck to you and have a save roll and happy holidays
    ps US Glen is good company
  7. fldrvr

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    Apr 8, 2009
    West Palm Beach, FL
    "DITTO"!! Stay away from these guys!!
  8. Odriver

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    Oct 6, 2011
    SRT is not good to work for in the 3 years my hub has worked for them he has made less than 25k a year.

    they pay 3cpm less then they claim they do.

    there is so may things wrong with this company i can't even say... but all the complaints the other drivers have of them are totally true... you can't make up lies worse then what this company actually is...
  9. unhappyotr

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Dallas, TX
    I currently drive for SRT. STAY AWAY!!!! Odriver is correct. The recruiter told me when I called her that I would be making 35 1/2 cents (top pay by the way, woopee). I get to orientation and payroll comes down to talk to us...she says we'll be making 35 1/2 but SRT takes 3 cents per mile right off the top then splits it 20/12 for "per diem". I asked "where is the 3 cents goin", she said "I don't know. In other words you're making 32 1/2. Period! You also are "forced" into the per diem for the 1st 90 days. They tell you that you can opt out after 90 days. I prefer to play with the irs my own way by changing my W4 instead of taking their kind of "per diem".

    The miles suck!!!! Plain and simple. You get a nice run to get you thru the weekend that doesn't deliver till Monday or Tuesday and payroll cut off is Sunday. If you have 1500 miles transfloed by Sunday then that's what you're getting paid for next week.

    Their apps are always wrong. They'll tell u your appt is at say 0700 and you get there at 0701 and u tell the shipper/receiver "sorry for being late"...they'll tell u not a problem cause your appt isn't till 1015. Now that being said, what SRT dispatchers will tell you when you correct them and let them know you weren't truly late..."sorry, the system here says 0700 and then they "charge" you for being late.

    They charge you if you don't send in your daily check call, if you don't drop a "clean" trailer, if your late for an appt and if you fart and many others. They have rules up the ying yang. I have never worked for such an anal company in my career. They micro manage the crap out of the company. The Qualcomm goes off constantly reminding us how to drive.

    O and here's a good one, dispatchers have to get "approval" from the ops mgr to take a 34 restart. Excuse me???? I thought that it was MY decision to do that. I have been out here since orientation in October. I haven't gone home once, which is what I prefer but darn it I deserve to take a day and a half off once in a while if I feel like it!!!! I told them that and they told me that's what home time is for that if I have hrs to run then there are lds that need to be taken care of. What a crock!!!!!

    I could go on and on but y'all get the point I hope. They could care less about you because there are more suckers around the corner scheduled for orientation next week. I would have walked out the door of orientation the minute they told us about that 3 cents per mile crap but I needed a job right then and there. I had been off work for about 4 mo and needed to get back on my feet. Anyway, I'm giving them the 90 days then opt out of "per diem" then I'll see how bad my miles really get at that point.
  10. dancnoone

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    May 6, 2007
    Get away as fast as you can. The miles won't get any better.

    I let the SOB's talk me into coming back a few years ago. Lasted 2 weeks.

    I seriously doubt that anything has changed in the years I've been gone.

    ANY #### company that hands you an 800 mile run with a FIRM appointment that delivers in 5 days.....needs to be put out of business.
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