Stable "dedicated" route with FedEx?

Discussion in 'FedEx' started by DC843, Apr 24, 2022.

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    Jul 4, 2015
    Hey guys. I'm a little familiar with how fedex works but looking for some more details, on if FedEx would fit what I'm looking for in a job.

    Basically, I'm doing online school for accounting, but I'm looking to get back to trucking for a good year or two while I at least do the first few years of the schooling. Save money by not paying rent, and can get a mortgage for a cheap place after a year of employment. I actually have most of the costs for that already I've just been on and off 1099 jobs so it's harder to get qualified. They want a year of W2.

    I've driven class a in the past, did on and off expediting in class b and sprinter, so I kind of know what I'm looking for and what will make it work for me.

    ...And from what I've heard I think a spot with a FedEx contractor would work great.

    Basically. I want a weekly route, with some weekend downtime that I can use to focus on the schooling. I also want the same route every week. I wanna know the route good, learn which truck stops to avoid, etc. I want it to be as boring as possible, just a monday-friday job I do each week. The thing I hated most about OTR stuff was just the never knowing aspects. Will there be parking here, where am I going next, etc. I've seen the whole country at this point, I'm over it. We get it the west has mountains and deserts and the east has forests.

    So, with the nature of what FedEx is, it seems like there's gotta be so much going on you could find yourself a niche with it where you go back and forth between two distros. At AROUND the same time each week (I understand this is trucking and things will vary, I'm not unreasonable about the expectations). I live in South Carolina so something like Columbia/Charlotte to a Texas city and back would be perfect.

    So, is FedEx a good spot for me to look for something like this? Or is anything I said stand out for a reason why I should avoid FedEx? Or any other thoughts on the matter, thanks a lot.

    Too long, didn't read: Is FedEx a good place for me to look for a more or less same, "dedicated", weekly run with time off for the 34 (at least)?
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