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Discussion in 'Melton' started by rcsd2007, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. BuffDavid

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    Jan 6, 2018
    I too, am considering joining Melton. I am currently Active Duty Military, but as soon as my contract is up I want to get into Truck Driving. From a Beginner's Point of view, Melton's pay scale, updated equipment and opportunity for growth seems like an inviting promise. I have no family to 'come home to', so I plan to drive and drive and drive and drive....
    Question is....what are the limits at Melton? Are the miles even good? Are there ways to get more out of the job? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Jul 23, 2017
    I am active duty military too. I attend CDL school this coming April (2018) and also look at Melton as one of my top 5 companies. I haven't found much information on them yet, but I suggest you look into Superior Carriers too. If I can get hired by them, I will go with them before anyone. However, they require TWIC, HAZMAT, Tanker, and a Passport. They pay .52 loaded & .42 unloaded. My other choices are TMC, Crete Carrier, Millis Transfer, and Maverick. I have no experience, so take this like a grain of salt. Just a guy who did a lot of homework first and talked to a lot of people.
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    May 24, 2016
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    I’ll give you both the best advice you’ll ever get. STAY AND RETIRE!
    I didn’t listen, and I should’ve...
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    While I agree with this sentiment,I am also aware that had I stayed I would have wound up in the brig........or worse. I just don't have the stomach for ###-kissing ladder climbers with no brains.
    That being said I ran for Melton many years ago,and the only thing I didn't like was all the gosh darn tarping!! Oh and the endless sitting if you got out of their primary lane(I-35).
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    Jul 9, 2014
    Current Melton driver.

    Miles can be up and down, but in my experience, they've been great. Very rarely under 2k/week. I've had a few 3k+ mile weeks in the last couple of months. When you do have downtime, get the hell out of the truck or you'll go insane. Go to a restaurant, catch a movie, whatever. I've had weekends in Seattle, Tampa, Miami, Denver, Des Moines where I'll rent a car and play tourist for the weekend. You might get a week under 2k every now and then and you just go with the flow and enjoy chilling out a bit. If you run hard they'll keep you going.

    Here is some info on their Military program. Melton Truck Lines Flatbed Driving Jobs for Veterans
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