StepDeck/ Curtain Side Training for an Experienced Driver? (Or I'll pull a reefer for the right $$)

Discussion in 'Seek Employment' started by SouthwestVeas, Feb 11, 2020.

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    Jan 14, 2015
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    Hey everyone, I'm curious if there's any smaller companies or companies in general who will train an experienced driver on running step decks..

    I have 20 years driving experience, no tickets or accidents, clean background, passport and passport card, have thrown chains getting across the Rockies, The Cabbage, Wyoming, etc for the last few years running reefers, and I'm interested in maybe doing something different in trucking.. I was looking at a few companies some years back but ended up just going back to running produce, which i've done most of my career..

    I do have some securement knowledge with chains and straps, binders, etc, and ran flatbed for a guy years back for a few months running coils, sheet steel, beams, etc.. but its not enough experience to count for anything since it was just fill in work when things slowed down. I have the common sense but i know dimensional freight can be a different challenge in ways..

    Thought I'd post just to see what was out here.. Most companies i see or call either don't hire from the Vegas area, or require a year or more experience..

    Also open to continue running reefer and produce back n forth from the west coast to the midwest/ east coast and back if the situation & money is right.. Prefer a smaller outfit, not interested in running teams, no micromanaging needed, i go on the dock & watch the produce getting loaded, i understand fuel cost & fuel mileage, watching for cheaper places to to fuel if needed, have my own tools for simple things, just wanting to be treated fair in paid somewhat my worth in this crazy industry lol....