Stevens Transport A year in review

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  1. TLeaHeart

    TLeaHeart Road Train Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    casper, wy
    I am Starting this thread just a little early, to try and get the powers to be to let it stay.

    This will be a place for all drivers for stevens transport to come together and discuss their week, or day, or month.

    I am presently sitting in Southern Virgina on I81 in a snow storm, gonna wait it out, as I don't need to be in Fort worth Tx until Monday Morning. Then I have a pre-planned load to Cheyenne Wy to get me home for Christmas.

    I hope that all of you that want to be home for christmas get there to be with your loved ones.

    Be safe, enjoy life, and see your loved ones this holiday season.
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  2. trunch13

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    Apr 12, 2009
    high desert,ca
    You been their a year how the company treating you?HOw about whare some of the places you been.How about sharing a little bit about how much you where paid?May you have many more years in trucking,once you got diesle fever hard to get rid of.
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  3. TLeaHeart

    TLeaHeart Road Train Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    casper, wy
    I am an alliance driver for stevens Transport, Started on March 5th, 2008, and went alliance on July 20th 2008.

    Some basic numbers from 2009 to get us started. Any comments are welcome.
    Stevens pays HHMG (shortest miles), so I will report paid miles, and my actual miles. As fuel is my biggest expense that I have some control over, I will also report my MPG, and my fuel cost per mile. And then my gross net, ie what I kept after expenses are paid as cents per mile of paid miles.

    Paid Miles, 10,657 Actual miles 11149, 492 miles unpaid 4.6% variance
    MPG, 6.23 net fuel cost .184 and net gross pay .364 per mile

    February Took 4 days home time
    Paid Miles 8,453 Actual miles 8,897 444 miles unpaid, 5.3% variance
    MPG 6.34 net fuel cost .182 net gross pay .275

    March Took 7 days home time
    Paid miles 8,135 actual miles 8649 558 miles unpaid 6.9% variance
    MPG 6.49 net fuel cost .144 net gross pay .369

    Paid Miles 12900 actual miles 13402 unpaid miles 502 3.9% variance
    MPG 6.64 net fuel cost .169 net gross pay .347

    May Took 5 days home time
    Paid Miles 7885 actual miles 9177 unpaid miles 1302 16.5% variance
    Had to get home and deadheaded without pay 900 miles
    MPG 6.83 net fuel cost .213 net gross pay .348

    Paid Miles 12046 actual miles 12121 unpaid miles 75 .006% variance
    MPG 6.58 net fuel cost .126 net gross pay .417

    July Took 7 days home time
    Paid miles 9079 actual miles 9534 unpaid miles 455 miles 5% variance
    MPG 6.96 net fuel cost .156 net gross pay .528

    Paid miles 11313, actual miles 11788 unpaid 475 miles 4.2% variance
    MPG 6.97 net fuel cost .195 net gross pay .352

    Paid miles 10937 actual miles 11288, 351 unpaid miles 3.2 % variance
    MPG 6.92 net fuel cost .122 net gross pay .385

    October Took 5 days home time
    Paid miles 8629 actual miles 9118 unpaid miles 489, 5.7% variance
    MPG 6.7 net fuel cost .19 net gross pay .361

    November Took 2 days home time Went to yard and moved to new truck 5 days on yard
    Paid miles 8304 actual miles 9022, unpaid miles 718, 8.6% variance
    MPG 7.27 net fuel cost .159 net gross pay .344

    I will post Decembers results after christmas, while I am sitting at home.
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  4. Canada Dry

    Canada Dry Light Load Member

    Apr 24, 2009
    Detroit Mi.
    TLeaHeart...My stepson plan's on going to Steven's 1st part of next year,he has too finish his truck driving school.In your opinion your saying Steven's is allright then.I'm assuming your a company driver!
    I'm in Mi. in case your wondering. Merry Christmas too you and your family.

    Truck Safe...Be Safe
  5. TLeaHeart

    TLeaHeart Road Train Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    casper, wy
    Glad to hear that your stepson has went to a school close to home. If Stevens is hiring out of Michigan, he will get a good introduction to trucking. Getting drivers home to michigan is a problem at this time, due to the economy in michigan.

    I am a lease driver.

    Merry christmas, and I wish your stepson a clean driving career.
  6. JimTheHut

    JimTheHut Road Train Member

    Sep 26, 2009
    Central Ohio-Go Bucks!
    Would you recommend Stevens to someone starting out?
    I am in my second week of school and have a prehire and an orientation date in March.
    I have not yet made up my mind who I am going to go with.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  7. TLeaHeart

    TLeaHeart Road Train Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    casper, wy
    Glad to see you are going to a school of your choice. this removes many of the problems that so many have with stevens, and being beholden to them for the cost of the training for 1 year to 30 months depending on the contract they sign.

    stevens will reimburse you at $25 per week for the expense of your school.

    You will get good training, learn to deal with multitudes of policies, and learn how to deal with multiple people who all think they are the boss.

    And the Alliance department, (lease) will pester you to death, to get you to sign on, which is much more risk to you, and you really need to know what you are getting into before signing with Alliance.

    Go in with your eyes open, expect problems, lack of communication at times, and demands you can not do, and learn to say NO, when the demand is more than you can do. Operations won't like it and try to pressure you, but Safety will back you as long as you are honest.

    Being in Ohio, a major freight lane, getting home will be easier for you than it is for me living in the middle of Wyoming.

    Stevens has worked for me, and that is all I have to go on.
  8. TLeaHeart

    TLeaHeart Road Train Member

    Apr 1, 2008
    casper, wy
    I got home to Casper, Wyoming a day early and beat the storm, only because I was able to get WalMart in Cheyenne to take the load a full day early. I sent in my time off message, stating I would be ready for Dispatch on January 2, 2010.

    On christmas eve morning, I get a call from stevens, trying to get me to come back to work on monday the 28th, as they have lots of loads in the meat patch. That is where I always go when I come back to work. I tell them that won't happen, as I have medical appointments on Monday and Tuesday. Could you make it Wednesday then? My answer, NO.

    I need the down time, and I will not go back earlier than I want to. One of the few benefits of being an Alliance driver. This constant disrespect of the drivers being human and needing down time is a big problem with Stevens.

    My driver manager has learned that when I say NO I mean it, even though he is being pressured from above, and across.
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  9. Barracuda905

    Barracuda905 Light Load Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    Minot, ND
    Merry Christmas!! TLea, in addition to the compensation you posted did you receive any bonuses?
  10. Barracuda905

    Barracuda905 Light Load Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    Minot, ND
    A question I forgot to put in the last post, are you incorporated or does it not make sense to do that as a lease operator?
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