Storage options for single OTR driver

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    ECCENTRIC PILGRIM Bobtail Member

    Jun 29, 2020
    I intend to stay over the road and take time off maybe a couple times a year, and I need a safe place to store my Indian motorcycle, along with a few other things. Currently keeping the bike with family in a garage. I'm hoping to find another place to store it where it can be just as safe. My company doesn't have that many drop yards where I want to live/move, but I'm really happy with the company and not sure if I should find someone I can trust or find a different company close to where I prefer to live close to good secure storage. With the high cost of living going up in a place like Texas, I'm still not sure where/when I want to settle down. It just seems like a really nice place to ride. There are storage units with alarm in Huston that I couldn't find anywhere else, by far the best place I found. But overall I don't know if paying $1000 a year on storage is a good idea for a $20k bike that i really don't want to get rid of. I'd like to find a cheaper option
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