Strictly drop n hook dedicated or otr?

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    If you work for a company with good detention pay or who simply pays for all dock time, then waiting at customers can be a very good thing. Food hauling is usually an erratic schedule and that waiting time allows you to catch up on your sleep or spend time on a hobby long as you are getting paid something, it can be good.

    I was offered a true long-haul reefer job from Bay & Bay that was 3000+ miles at 64 cpm - about $2,000/ week; 2 weeks out, 3 days off. It is a big Mid West/Western loop that they do not advertise, but they offered me when I said "no thanks" to the typical mid West reefer work you may be familiar with. This was recent so, if you have some years in and a good record, that may be something you could have. True long-haul reefer is a rare gig for solo drivers - I was tempted.

    The recruiter who offered me that was, Brian Wentz, a professional and decent fellow.
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    What company was this?
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    Lucky I guess. Curtain van, all aluminum 48 x 102, pulled that trailer and only that trailer almost a half million miles. There were problems, sure, but fixes were easy because I paid attention and no surprises.
    I would HATE to worry about my equipment constantly.
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    I agree, but on a bad week that you may have a breakdown and maybe a few delays, its often better than what you would get on just performance. The minimum is not what you count on, its what you can rest asured that if all fails, you know you will at least make xxx. When I was an auto salesman they had $600/wk minimum. However, everyone who had the job didnt think like that - oh thats a joke- no, we said ok, good, so if for some reason I make no sales, worse case they pay me something! In reality, you make 1200-1700/wk at a high volume dealership. maybe 4 weeks you make 4k/wk and then 2 weeks you make 600. ok.... ;)
    but now if that was average pay of 1250 for otr, no thank you, im with you! But minimum thats nice! However, we do have to look at the qualifications to meet minimum, cuz something tells me that you must bend over backwards in the trucking industry for everthing, lol.
    safe driving to you my trucking brother!!
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