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    Jan 25, 2010
    Hahah, those are questions you should have asked when you called..

    Now in about a month after starting you will post how ####ed up the company is.

    Do you have 1 and a half year or months of driving??

    And by the way Super service is a ####ty company who will convince you to lease and the. You'll be poor
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  2. sedain

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    Dec 4, 2010
    when i was there they did pretty good for me from 2008-2013, i left for local home daily work. i think the key is having a positive attitude and letting them know consistently youre out there to make money and showing it with your production by not sitting around, getting to every shipper/consignee as early as possible regardless of appointment times.

    the worst times were at the depths of the recession/bankruptcy i sat for 2.5 days waiting for a load and at one point one of my dispatchers left and the person they transferred me to had loads where you arent supposed to get there early which i let her know and her boss;s know that this wasnt going to work and they put me on expedited frt which worked great for me. for the last yr and a half i was running harley davidson parts dedicated run, great miles and only working 4.5 days(mostly turnpike miles), off 2.5..i quit when they lost the account even though i hadnt taken a single day off sick or otherwise and was never late. they told me they were underbid on the contract. i told them it was great while it lasted. net pay for that run was 1200 weekly, on weeks with a holiday it was a little less but there was more hometime.
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    Hey how is it going at Super Service? How are the miles? What kind of drug test and physical did they require? How often do you get home?
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