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Discussion in 'Swift' started by VaGump, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Geezus scottie ... can you possibly come up with a more obfuscated way of doing this.

    It's simple - your numbers - $1300 fuel, $702 fixed cost ... $2000 a week in cost. Revenue $1.31 at 2800 miles is $3668 in revenue - net is $1668

    Hold back $.15 for maintenance reserve, $420 a week leaving $1248 for your pocket.

    Take a week off and you net $548 the next week or split the week and net $900 for back to back weeks.

    As for the residual ... you don't account for an event until it happens ... you either spend the cash when the time comes and depreciate the expense in the following years. Or keep the cash and finance the residual, write of the interest and depreciate the principal. Or turn the truck in and lease another. Or do as squeak is going to do simply turn the truck and retire off into the sunset.

    All that said, the numbers you use have not been my experience... Fuel is close ... though for the past month I've not paid more than $3.29 a gallon. Fixed is $660, revenue per mile is $1.39 and over the past 4 years I've consistently run between 125K and 128K dispatched miles per year.
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    There you are mystic. Haven't heard from you in a while.

    I think my attachments worked and the op got the info he needed, if not then mystic is the one to ask about the new pay scale as he is currently running on it (as far as I know).
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    Anyone know if any swift shops do front end alignments..tried Columbus no go....thanks
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    Laredo brings in an outside guy who does an exceptionally good job on the three axle and he can also spin balance steers on the truck which balances the hub, brake drum, wheel and tire. Its $250 for the alignment and $50 for the balance. Worth every penny.

    Contact Ricky the tire boss the day before you get there. It gets billed to your maintenance account just like any other terminal shop repair.

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