swift vs werner vs jb hunt-training

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    Jan 18, 2011
    i was wondering if anyone had first hand experiance with these companys and there training programs. I am interested in doing the company training program and have tried at most of the "better" training mills with no luck.I am interested in swift over the other two but i dont like that they pay .25 per mile and you have to work for 26 months with swift to be fully reimbursed the $3900 bill for the schooling.Also i understand that trainers only need 6 months experiance to become a trainer which doesnt sound very good. I have read so many posts and threads that it hurts so please dont tell me to look around the site unless you have a recommended read. i realize that i need to put in my time, pay my dues, i just want to be treated fairly and recieve a decent education. any helpful imput apprieciated.
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    Oct 18, 2008
    can't read the sign
    Seriously I went to Werner right out of school...had a great trainer.....BUT they purged alot of the older trainers over the past couple of years. Pay at Werner isn't going to be any or much better than Swift. I can't say a word about JB....oh and most of the training companies allow drivers to become trainers after 6 months
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