SWIFT Wrongful Hiring And Termination??

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    Around October of 2009, I was accepted to attend a Swift Transportation training school starting in December of 2009. I was hired in January of 2010 after passing "school", was falsely accused of bad driving when in fact it was my assigned truck generating false error reports of mishandling, and was terminated in May of 2010. One of the employees working at the terminal I was discharged at explained that Swift's hiring policy was to hire individuals at the age of 23. I was 22 when I was accepted for training and hired, and my birthday is in April, which is when I turned 23. I'm now stuck with a $4,000 "school" loan, and it's costing me a possible employment offer due to termination. Is this obvious grounds for wrongfully hiring me against their own policy, then terminating me? And what can I do about this? I'm trying to get this information fixed on a background report for a job. The state I worked out of (my home terminal) was in Kansas, if that helps at all. Thanks!
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    I don't think you can sue them for hiring against their policy. You can fight the DAC report though.

    Not sure what it means these days but in 91 I quit, handed my keys to Jerry and he tried to talk me out of it, but it was put down as a firing by my DM. Funny thing is my DM at Swift became my DM a couple of years later at another company, and he said he put it down as quitting, but it never stopped me from getting a job.
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