Taking the plunge. My journey as an O/O.

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Farmerbob1, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Rideandrepair

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    Aug 8, 2015
    Reading his overall analogy of Lease Purchase was very informative to those who are considering it. Well thought out and worded. He initially stated that his goal was to find out for himself. Like an experiment. I once questioned his sincerity. Many statements were made, some harsh, but none were meant to discourage him. Everyone wanted him to Succeed. He had the patience, honesty and humility to explain his reasons. That really takes courage. I think he achieved exactly what he set out to do. I know his thread will help many others, who are curious about Lease Purchase plans. RIP Farmer bob. Published Author, Member of Mensa at 16 yrs old. That’s amazing. He could have been successful at just about anything he chose to do. The very idea He chose to drive a Truck, and cross paths with all of Us. Stuff that makes Life great. The way He remained calm, rational, and objective through his struggles, is a testament to the Man. Our condolences, He will be missed, and remembered, by his example.
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  3. lynchy

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    Oct 18, 2010
    off the grid
    Wow sorry to hear this,read this forum over in UK,loved seeing updates,the good and the bad,guy told it like it was,respect
  4. Tug Toy

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    Jul 4, 2015
    Corn field
  5. danny23tx

    danny23tx Road Train Member

    Feb 16, 2016
    Man , I was thinking about this thread the other day and wondering what the outcome of his adventures had been. I looked forward to shutting down and catching up on the thread at the end of the day . Rip Bob
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  6. SteveScott

    SteveScott Road Train Member

    Nov 10, 2015
    Just heard the news that we lost Matt aka FarmerBob. That's a huge loss to TTR. He was a wealth of great information and his presence here will be greatly missed. RIP Matt.
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  7. F4T6UY

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    Oct 24, 2017
    Very South Texas
    Well, wow.

    I’ve been gone from TTR for a while, and couldn’t believe when I came across this thread, that was one of my favorites to follow.

    I know it’s been dormant for a couple months, but I couldn’t not post something out of respect for Farmerbob. Right, wrong, or indifferent, he was a great contributor to the forum, and I have a lot of respect for the way he put himself out there, and continued to put himself out there when ridiculed for his decisions.

    Crazy world we inhabit. God speed, brother.
  8. chimbotano

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    Apr 21, 2013
    Yes!!! FarmerBob taught me so much in this site. RIP.
    This career/ profession is not as easy as one may think. it takes a lot of courage and discipline. Therefore you must give yourself real value for what you do. In my opinion, your family and friends should be your first priority. but , in order for you to have the time and freedom, so you can spend it with you loveones, you must work smart. Do not haul cheap loads. If you work smart , you will make more money quicker and you will have more off time.
    life is short guys. try to be 100% independent. drive anywhere you want , drive when you want, charge a decent rate and keep it for you and your family. don't give away your valuable time for pennies. it is sad when I see lease operators pushed to drive through horrible weather or obligated to drive for so many days , even though operators don't want to do it. I think this is a good time to rethink and re-evaluate what you doing.
    be safe out there.
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