Talk to crete drivers not recruiter

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by Paul mares, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Paul mares

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    Sep 18, 2011
    denver colorado
    I called crete and they told me all this stuff then i talked to there drivers and was told something totally different. I was with crete for 10mths..The were verbally abusive. no miles. Written up for idling in 104 heat. Never got home on time. Never got detention. I was in my first truck 2weeks and they charged me $80 to detail it. I didnt even unpack. I was in 3 trucks in 10mths. I quit when i tried to get home before my mother died and they kept sending me to the northeast where i got stuck and because my paychecks were only $300-$400 avg i didnt have any money to get home on my own. I turned the truck in at there SLC terminal and they put on my DAC i abandoned it. I wouldnt advise my worst enemy to work there. At conway now. Never been happier:biggrin_25520: I just came on this forum thing and wish i would have come here before i went there! There favortism is so obvious. If you kiss butt you can get miles. They dont do FCFS. They do who we like best first serve
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  3. Diesel Blues

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    Dec 25, 2010
    Can you elaborate a bit and give a specific example of how they were "verbally abusive"? You made the statement "No Miles". What exactly do you mean by no miles? You stated they kept sending you to the northeast, so I am struggling to understand how you arrived there if you got "no miles".

    Finally, you state that the truck was turned in at a terminal, but it was reported as abandoned. Did you follow proper procedure when you turned it in? If yes, I can understand your frustration. However, if you deviated from standard operating procedure, I have little sympathy.
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  4. drvrtech77

    drvrtech77 Road Train Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    Crete hasn't been the same since tonn ostergard took over. He's turned the company from a driver friendly co to a non driver friendly co.
  5. customtanks

    customtanks Light Load Member

    Jul 13, 2008
    The Great NW
    Whats the whole story, there has to be more??? east coast to SLC is quite a drive for no miles...
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