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    Superior,Superior, Superior I share a terminal location with Schneider and QC the stories you hear from some of the drivers are head scratchers, thing about Schneider is they’re cranking out students constantly and there is not enough freight to support this constant supply of drivers so therefore you have to play the sit and wait game, waiting for money is not going to make you money.
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    QC has got a pretty bad reputation around here. I don't work for superior but I pull alot of their loads out of their Sparta, NJ terminal and they're definitely far from perfect from my experiences there but between Prime, Schneider, QC and them, I'd shoot for Superior. I talked to a Schneider driver once at their Keasbey terminal and he said him and a few other guys were sitting for 4 days straight up to that point. BTW look into Carry Transit too. They are Superior's food grade side.
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    Prime is going to use you as a team driver that probably why it takes 3 months to go solo......

    With Schneider you will die of starvation
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    I drive for prime tanker, every company has its pros and cons, but you want to make your first yr go by as smoothly as possible, and prime will make that happen for you. You will make decent pay, but that shouldn't be your worry for the first yr in the game at any company.
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    Only way I’d reccomend Schneider is If you’re in the Chicago area. Get on on the ecolab account right away. You’ll get tons of experience in that year. And make out ok on cash with plenty of hometime if not go superior.
    If you plan to go local and I check if they have manuals. Schneider got rid of all of theirs but it’ll give you many more options if you can drive everything. I spent my last year at Schneider and recorded most of it in my thread In tankers In the rookie.
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    Money. That's the only reason I got into trucking years ago. And as much as I like trucking, if I wouldn't have been able to support my family comfortably, I would have left. First year or 25th year, it is definitely about the money.
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    As a rookie myself I have to disagree. You have a limited time to make money on this earth. Money is extremely important along with the company you choose. Dont waste time, money or opportunity, in that order.
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    My advice for getting on with Superior is not to waste time with their corporate office. Find out which terminal is closest to you and call the terminal manager directly about getting a job.
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    Yep. Put in your app online, call recruiting to let them know you've done so, then call the terminal you plan on working out of and set up an appointment to talk to the TM.
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