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    Right now I drive a bobtail tanker for a small fuel company hauling multiple grades of gas and both clear and dyed diesel fuel, our hours vary day to day but we are hourly and make 14.50 wich I believe is low pay for keeping an x endorsement. This is the first company I've drove tanker for is this a normal wage or am I gettin the shaft?
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    do you get any extra pay? example: time and a half, night pay, weekend pay. etc.

    in my opinion, florida based fuel carriers are low pay.

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    my last tanker job was as follows: small for hire fuel hauler (we transported for exxonmobil, shell, bp, marathon, etc.) located in ft.lauderdale, fl. non-union, same as almost every fuel hauler in this area
    currently. the cheapest paying trip was $30 (1.5-2.5) hours of work. majority of trips paid $40-$45 (2.5-3.5) hours of work. no pay for pre-trip, no pay for post-trip, no pay for fueling. any delay time we had to give a minimum of one hour (delay at rack) etc. basically, your paycheck consisted of only what the trips paid. any other lost time due to traffic delay, waiting on your truck at beginning of shift, or breakdown. you either didnt get paid for it or only partially. obviously didnt matter if you worked 80 hours a week, no overtime pay or no night time or weekend pay. so a 13-14 hour shift, you might do four $45 loads. gives $180 for the day. making about $13 per hour. i forgot they also deducted a small amount per week for uniform allowance.
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    Jul 18, 2010
    i think you have a good job, as long as they are treating good.
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    Jan 10, 2012
    lake wales, florida
    We do get call out pay of $50 if it is after hours or all drivers have made it home, overtime after 40. I was just always under the impression I guess that I would make more for hauling hazmat.
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Is your current company hiring? What is the name of your compny? any info would be apreciated. Thank you
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    :biggrin_25520:thats what im talkin bout logan76
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    Dec 4, 2008
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    At QC I was an O/O and made 62% of gross plus a flat FSC that was @ .45cpm when i quit 2 months ago. Loads were scarce and did not pay very well ($3.00 per mile loaded and you ate the DH coming back) So basically you made $1.50 for all miles. I did not sit anywhere longer than 3 hours to unload or load and this is all based in the Chicago area
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    You would have been better off as a company driver . It depends on the terminal though . Most of my runs are dedicated . QC used to pay a better FSC and lost a lot of O/O's when they changed their FSC payment method a few years ago . O/O's got less but shippers still paid the same .
    Some O/O's that left informed some shippers what was going on and it caused a lot of problems with some accounts .
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