Tankers the Schneider way

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  1. wis bang

    wis bang Road Train Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Levittown, PA
    Not exactly!

    Osha covers the top of the trailer inside the shop or tank wash.

    I had a guy come in the yard. He had borrowed a special fitting from another driver and it was up inside the spill dam around the dome lid.

    He climed up to get it and fell getting back onto the ladder. 62 yrs old and he landed on his face on concrete. The cops who responded w/ the EMT crew called it into OSHA.

    The very next morning OSHA came strolling into the building all full of fire and brimstone UNTIL he heard what happened, and where it happened.

    His reply was "That's DOT, NOT me!" and he turned and walked away.

    Now in Canada it is different!

    When I worked for Provost they had Petroleum 'B' trains and they had air actuated railings that the driver extended before climbing onto the top of the wagon. He also had a belt w/ two safety lines that he clipped to two cables running between the roll-over rails and the domes so he could walt the length of the trailer and not fall off.

    Cost Mega bucks.

    Chem Leaman, Matlack and DuPont designed safer trailers, the walkway was on supports at 9 O'clock w/ a short ladder and a multiple rails on the outside. The idea was the man could stand on that and the flanges [DOT412 top unloading acid wagons] were just below face level so the operator could bolt up without climbing up on top of the wagon.

    Since Acids are so heavy the tankwagon barrel is smaller so the side mounted walkway was still within the standard width for a trailer.
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  3. wsyrob

    wsyrob Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Sep 14, 2007
    Winston Salem
    Do you mean tractor. How would a PTO shaft work on a trailer mounted pump?

    Except for those times when hoses are in short supply I like not having to load them on the tractor. Its much easier to get them in a tube or troth than up high on the tractor.
  4. chalupa

    chalupa Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2010
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  5. Truck Driver

    Truck Driver Medium Load Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Sacramento, CA

    We have a PTO operated hydraulic pump mounted to the frame of the tractor and send/return lines down the length of the trailer to turn the product pump at the back.
  6. RickG

    RickG Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    So one inspector didn't want to do his job . I see no exception in the regulations for a trailer being outside .
  7. Tardis

    Tardis Light Load Member

    Nov 6, 2011
    banned or retired
    Green Bay training, while it had many tanker specific points, was not very hands on. Gary, Indiana was a different matter altogether. I'll say right now that I was torn between flatbeds and tankers at the start (sorry Maverick and Roehl). I was figuring that flatbeds would keep me moving and exercising with all the tarps and chains.

    Tanker guys get plenty of exercise. You climb that ladder three times per air unload; pre-tighten, check pressure build, and then check for heel. You may do more climbs if there is heel (remain) and you need to offload it. And those hoses are not light and they are stiff.

    There is more to do each morning too. There is the normal pre-trip, but you have to also exercise your pump and compressor each day. Woe to the driver who shows up to do a pump unload who's pump doesn't work. Freezing weather and the fact that pump unloads are relatively rare can leave a pump inoperative if they are not dried thoroughly before leaving the tank wash and exercised daily to keep them limber.

    Offloading, follow your check list, get that signature before you open the valve, make sure your connections are tight and duct tape those tabs so that they cannot come loose while offloading (or loading too for that matter). Duct tape makes a dandy shim if your connections are a little loose too.

    Personal protective equipment. You can tell who isn't a Schneider tanker driver, they are the unshaven guys wearing tennis shoes and tee shirts. We MUST shave every day, wear long sleeve shirts and safety shoes. If we are around the tanker, even doing a pre-trip we are wearing safety glasses, a hard hat with face shield and chemical gloves. We also carry a nomex jump suit in Schneider orange, a chemical suit with separate pants, suspenders, and coat in green, a respirator (we are clean shaven so that the respirator seals tight), goggles, and rubber boots along with a duffle bag that almost isn't big enough to hold it all.

    Never get into your truck wearing your chemical gloves. Who knows what is on those things and you don't want to contaminate your cab and especially your steering wheel with something nasty that you transfer to your face or eyes later down the road. Keep your truck cab a clean sanctuary from the rest of your job. Put that stuff in the side compartment.

    Well so much for the ivory tower. Starting next week I am with my training engineer for 10 days. I will get to see how its really done versus how we are taught to do it. After that, more tests, both written and practical. Then a tractor is issued and I am off on my own.:biggrin_2558:
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  8. RickG

    RickG Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    Quite a bit of BS here . Schneider has you go to the dome to check pressure build ? VERY dangerous and has resulted in many injuries and some fatalities . We have a gauge on a valve at ground level . There shouldn't be any heel if you air off right unless the tank is on an incline .
    The stuff about other carrier drivers being unshaven and wearing tennis shoes and tee shirts is also BS . The PPE you mention is required at most customers .
    You put the gloves in a side compartment but boots in a duffle bag with your respirator and goggles ? :biggrin_2551:
    I just lost what respect I had for Schneider tank training .
    I haven't used a pump in years . We don't have an auxiliary compressor . The tractors were ordered with a heavy duty compressor that does the job .
  9. Johnny99

    Johnny99 Johnny be Good

    Nov 24, 2007
    Big Sandy Tenn
    Bungee cords work just as well as duct tape on those ears to keep them from coming apart. Those little metal seals work on loose ears if one of them is a little worn.
  10. RickG

    RickG Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    Our carrier makes good enough rates to afford the velcro straps made for the purpose . :yes2557:
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  11. pathfinder1361

    pathfinder1361 Light Load Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    miami, fl
    sometimes the gloves stink so bad, you will have to either toss them, or secure them anywhere but "inside" of the cab
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