Target DC- West Jefferson, OH

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    I supposedly had an open delivery Monday morning to deliver 35 cases of cheese. Went to check in only to find out that I don't have an appt., and that I needed one no matter how many couple of cases it was. Stood by for about an hour outside of their entrance waiting to see if the broker was going to get me a same day appt. until a female rent a cop came up and told me that I stood there too long, that it was private property and that I had to leave. I left and delivery wasn't scheduled til 11AM today for a lousy 35 cases, they finished me at 2PM. 3 hours for 35 cases. I'll make sure not to come back to this #### hole again. Google reviews says it all.
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    Yes, stay away from Target DC's.
    My dispatcher tried to send me to one in Nevada and I refused; you can fire me if you want, but I'm not going. Another driver jumped on it, to his regret later. The load was from the East Coast to Nevada. He had to unload the trailer by hand, then help Target warehouse workers put stickers on each item for the various stores it was destined for, then sort all that out by store and help load Targets trailers with those items. He was crying like a baby!
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    Mar 24, 2014
    I was at this same freaking place today with a reefer load, I was on time and they took 7 hours to unload me.
    The wonderful part is my load assignment said "this load doesn't pay detention", first time I ever saw that one.

    After waiting over an hour in the dock without them even opening the doors I went in to ask wtf is going on.
    They told me they're actually working on my load now, that when the paperwork leaves the office it means they're working on it.
    I went back to see the doors still closed and my trailer door light green when it should be red.
    Then 15 minutes later they called me to tell me they didn't start because I wasn't lined up with the door which is BS as I was perfect and I always double check.. so I pulled up straight and back, then they got started unloading me.
    I'd say they removed what felt like 1 pallet per 30-45 minutes minutes, I only had 17k pounds in the trailer.
    What a joke.

    You're lucky it only took you 3 hours.

    This place is a nightmare.
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    The only Target DC. I have experience with is the Cedar Falls, IA. one...and it was always a "go home" load.

    A lot of what Chinatown said is the experience I always had (have NOT been made to load product onto other trailers though).
    First of all...I have NEVER had an appointment (time), just show up the day I'm supposed to be there, and gaurdshack would let me in.

    I ALWAYS assisted unload, because if you don't, the place is definitely "out of sight, out of mind"---and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.
    What they do is break the load down in 3 ways: 1). What goes on conveyer 2). What goes in warehouse 3). What goes on trailers currently being loaded.
    And, instead of just unloading you and sending you on your way, you are forced to sit there while they do a job that could be done on THEIR time and stop wasting yours.

    I'll use Gatorade as an example, because it is one of the loads I hauled in there.
    There were about 8 different flavors. For each flavor, they have to take atleast one box of each flavor from each skid, open the box, scan the bar code on a bottle, and it will tell them how many BOTTLES go to which of the 3 locations---they then have to do the math on bottles per case, and start splitting cases up between pallets (for warehouse), orange wheeled carts (for conveyer), and yellow wheeled carts (for floor loaded trailers).
    You then have to WAIT for a forklift to come get a full pallet out of the way so you can work on the next one. You have to WAIT for someone to come get one of the orange or yellow carts out of your way, so you can work on the next one (and they will get these when they're darn good and ready to fit it in a trailer or on the conveyer).
    It is a long, LONG painful process.

    What will drive you the most crazy, is standing by your door for a live unload, while you watch 3 or 4 people work on a dropped trailer right next to you.

    I NEVER sat in the truck while these clowns unloaded my trailer, because once I was empty, I was you can bet your bottom dollar that I was SEEN, and HEARD the whole time I was in the dock.....and every time someone looked like they were slowing down or losing interest, I would say "O.k....what's next". Every time a pallet or cart was full, and we were waiting for someone to come get it out of the way, I would say "O.k.....what's next". Every time someone had a confused look on their face and stood their like it was their first day, I would say "O.k....what's next". I didn't give them a chance to 'blow me off'.

    P.S.- In Cedar Falls, if you show up during shift change, and you want on the dock...they make you do the stretches and exercises in the group that they require their employees to do every time they start a shift. Yes, I have done them, because I WILL be seen and heard on the dock. LOL!
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    2nd time delivering a load to this distribution center. Experience just as Miserable as the last time. Truck drivers are not permitted to arrive early and are told that they cannot sleep on the premises. When you arrive to deliver on time, expect 6 to 8 hours of MINIMUM wait time for your trailer to get unloaded.
    The only quick times in this distribution is drop and hook loads.
    Shipping and receiving office will not give you an estimation how much longer before they are done or even get started. This is a distribution center that does NOT take truck drivers inconvenience into account and the ones who suffer are the drivers who appreciate making money rolling, not sitting idle unnecessarily for half A-day in a distribution center that obviously does not know what efficiency means.
    This distribution center has had a bad reviews going back since it 1st opened for the exact same problems with extremely excessive unloading times, no detention pay and drivers turned away at the gate unless they are one hour before their appointment. They do not allow parking on site or outside the facility anywhere nearby. (There is a truckstop 4 miles away But it's not as big as it should be for a place this inefficient being right nearby)

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