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    Nov 6, 2011
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    Many of you on this forum have seen the news on how Celadon screwed the pooch with their investors. Back in 14 they purchased Taylor. Now I work for TSD, and we usually go to some of the same shippers/receivers they do. I had a Taylor driver ask how many miles I was getting. Due to the lanes I run, I average between 2000-2500 a week and I am fine with that. Anyway, he got upset because he was getting more miles than that but Taylor had cut everyone's miles and he was averaging what I am and he thought he could get more with us. (Probably could if he wanted the longer runs) Anyhow, I never paid it any mind but started noticing their trailers (the hopper ones) being pulled by trucks with the Celadon logo (the white ones) now I am not only seeing those but Hyndman trucks pulling the Taylor trailers. According to the door, Hyndman is a Celadon company as well. Has anybody heard what is going on over there? Are we about to see another story about a trucking company folding?
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