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    Jul 16, 2013

    you were leased on to TCX for 10 weeks covering 3 major holidays and yes we try to keep all of our o/o close to home during this time of the year for obvious reasons. Going back and forth on this blog with you serves no point. You left TCX for your own reasons and I think I can speak for everyone at TCX that we all wish you the very best.
    You have made several statements that are just not true and they have already been forwarded to legal council.

    I hope you are happy where ever you are. It just takes to much good energy to argue with people.
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    Aug 12, 2015
    i worked for eric george a few years ago when he was just getting started and he runs as above board an operation as any trucking company in the business and i had over 35 years in management experience in the trucking industry before i retired. he is as fair an owner as there is in the industry and bent over backwards with o/o who didn't like to run.
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    Jul 31, 2014
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    I was leased to TCX in 2006-2007 with multiple trucks and trailers. They were always fair to me and my drivers. Eric and his whole staff were first rate. My typical length of run was 1000 miles with several coast to coast runs mixed with the shorter runs. Every run was not gold but you can not pick and choose if you want to make money. If I took a short load Eric always made sure the next one made up for it.
    The only reason I left was to go out on my own but even knowing that they wished me well.
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    It always puzzles me when drivers come on here and complain about things that they should have known going in. Poor research and making assumptions will cost you money.
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    Mar 8, 2010
    Seems the owner, or company representative, actually makes some fair points
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    What a mess.
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    Can I come out of the fallout shelter now? Seems the missiles on this thread have been flying back and forth since 2012?
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    Sep 15, 2017
    That is rediculas..I have been leased to TCX for four years...And They have never failed to help me out ..I had a dozen break downs ..Blown motor.even..one call to TCX and I was back on the road...I owed them $ 40,000.00 and they let me pay them a little bit at a time...They never said a word to me about me owing them..They did everything possible to help.
    I could have been bankrupt..But they stuck with me..The lease is as free as you need it to be..I can get my own loads or they will get one for me...If I don't like thier load ..I can say no that's not what I want...And they will go right back to work to find me what I want..Sure I've had my share of screaming matches with dispatch...But they never stop working for me and I got no plans on going anywhere else...Tcx is a good company ...With good people doing the best they can for the drivers and the customers...All companies have some thing you might not like...But to say T C X isnt good or fair...Isnt right at all..They go out the way to make it good for us as drivers ..I have found a home here...
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