The 16 hour exception?:

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    We use it all the time in the busy season. I am talking about the 16 hour exemption and not any adverse condition stuff. This is from the FMCSA website. I dont think crossing state lines will "disqualify" you as a local driver. I havent found anything that says so.

    16 - Hour Exception for Property-Carrying Drivers
    Drivers may extend the 14 - hour on duty period by 2 hours if they:
    Are released from duty at the normal work reporting location for the previous 5 duty tours AND ,
    Return to the normal work reporting location and are released from work within 16 hours AND,,
    Have not used this exception within the last 6 days, except following a 34 - hour restart of a 7/8 day period.
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    Below are the FMCSA regs concerning this discussion. If you are using the 100 air mile rules...that is called short haul operations, and they run under a 11 driving in 12 hour the 2 hour extension would give them 14 hour day once in 7/8 days...I have copy/pasted the rule below.

    correct with a complete separation of the two groups 14 and 16 hour exemptions...again two different groups short haul and Interstate rules.

    You may be CA we cannot cross state lines and use the 100 mile short haul rules, nor can we transport any freight that can be determined "interstate" and go with the short haul rules. Typical of CA to make it more complicated than everywhere else!

    I found my point in the regular world vs. CA! But here are the points from the FMCSA Web Page:
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    local or air miles has NOTHING to do with 16 hr exemption, read the rules the guy posted. Once a week and you had to return to the same terminal every day for the previous 6 and of course it cannot put you over 60/70 hr rule. You could drive 300 plus miles out from your terminal turn around and come back every night and use the 16 hr exemption 1 time each week.
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    Am I correct that the 16 hour short haul exemption allows the 14 on duty rule to be extended to 16 hours on duty one time in 7 days?
    My big question is: Am I correct that the 16 hour short haul exemption does NOT extend the maximum driving time past 11 hours?
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    You are correct on both counts.

    But, you must start and terminate you tour of duty at the same place every day that week to claim the exemption. In other words, you can not lay over anywhere within the past 7 days.
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