the two year update... 2 months late...

Discussion in 'Gless Bros Foodliner' started by im6under, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. im6under

    im6under Medium Load Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    Most everything is as it has been. good for me.

    we've lost a few guys, quit/fired...

    e logs.. blahhh ththththhhh... yeah they work... but they are elogs and I just prefer paper.

    asked about vacation... Apparently the brass doesn't track this too well assuming the driver will...

    well I didn't... I just kept showing up and working... then I noticed on my 2nd anniversary date I didn't get paid extra for unused vacation... then I complained... a little...

    you didn't take vacation last year? nope.
    or this year? nope.

    why didn't you speak up?
    I dunno i was busy... driving...:biggrin_25523:

    took a week off, gotta take another... and got two more at the first of the year... time fly's when you're having fun...

    hmmmm what else?????

    my buddy quit... under good conditions and he is invited back if he changes his mind...

    and they offered him some gravy to stay... all to no avail...

    he's at a point in his life where work really is secondary... he quit this job to haul fertilizer and propane part-time at a local co-op so he can have insurance for another few years... while earning some gas money for the boat until he hits 62 for an early full retirement.

    GOD I"M JEALOUS !!!!! lol :biggrin_25514:

    I asked why don't you part time it here so you're still raking in decent cash...?

    Nope I've had enough... pulling the trailer in the winter bothers me... and I'd just rather do the straight truck a few days a week locally.

    You just can't reason with some people... no bills and a fat 401k will do that to you... lol

    Brian will be missed. He's a good hand... and a real people person...

    what else????

    nothing... company making a big deal out of csa2010 a few drivers whinning over it...

    most of us couldn't care less... lol the trucks and trailers are well maintained... and frankly csa just doesn't apply to us...

    boogie boogie they'll ding you for a tail light...

    ???????????and when have I had a tail light out????????? big whoop...

    the DOT has much bigger fish to fry... and the closer it gets... the less I'm getting pulled into the scale...

    they are way to busy with the obvious knuckle heads to worry about me with a handful of clean dot's and no tickets...

    its just my opinion... but for us as a company it isn't an issue. we been taking care of business already... and the DOT knows it.
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  2. hogboy1996

    hogboy1996 Bobtail Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    Im6under, are you guys busy there? i'm at Foodliner and we are balls to the wall. my manager told me we have tons of new business and they are hiring like crazy.
  3. im6under

    im6under Medium Load Member

    Feb 13, 2007

    at least for iowa... I'm not around the out of state terminals, so I really don't know about them...

    but we've been chugging out the miles steady and at the safety meeting a few weeks ago there were four new faces and the room was full...

    and parking area is geting cramped...:biggrin_25526: always a good problem.
  4. z-man

    z-man Bobtail Member

    Feb 18, 2009
    6under, if I'm reading this right you guys get 2 weeks after a year? I'm over at Foodliner and I don't get 2 until after 3 years!!! Which stinks given the fact we are required to work every other weekend and often on our off weekend.
  5. hogboy1996

    hogboy1996 Bobtail Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    It is 2 weeks vacation after 3 years. However, i believe there are some changes coming soon to our benefits that will be good news.
  6. dmp1983

    dmp1983 Light Load Member

    May 24, 2009
    I'm thinking of making the switch, I have 8 years driving experience, no wrecks, clean DAC. I will be running out of the Newark, De terminal. I have my application in now, just waiting on review. The company I'm with now has not been getting me home like they said they would, so I'm hoping foodliner offers me better hometime.
  7. samcro

    samcro Light Load Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    the desert north of ellay
    I'm moving to tanks as well - looking at opportunities at the Stockton Foodliner yard... not a lot out here in the SoCal area for OTR tanks, but these guys sound pretty good - provided you equal out all the negative with the positive on these boards!
  8. im6under

    im6under Medium Load Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    a clarification on the paid vacation post:

    one week your first year

    one week your second year

    two weeks your third year.

    I didn't take or get paid for vacation my first year. By the time I asked it was pushing year two real close. An exception for my stupidity was made :biggrin_2552: and I took my 1 week 1st year vacation during the first week of my second year... ~confused yet~

    then I took my 1 week of second year vacation later in my second year. (two weeks total in year two)

    subtract line 4 form 7204 and add to line 13 on the not normal worksheet and carry the balance to my third year where I am about to insert tab A into slot C. :biggrin_25521:

    life goes on...
  9. im6under

    im6under Medium Load Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    I got a new boss about a month ago...

    the old boss??? I dunno... health issues.

    anyways... new guy doesn't seem to be a douchebag... though it will take 6 months to break him in properly... lol

    bob left... and new guy appeared (bret)... along with rick... plus they pulled in a senior driver for a seamless transition...

    my rib to the new guy... poor old sick tired bob is gone... and it takes three of you bastiges to replace him... that isn't saying much for any of you... lol

    he laughed and took it in stride... so chances are he will be fine. I get along well with people that can take a joke.

    other than this I can't really say work has changed much... I like the work but its still work and if they didn't pay me I'd stay home.

    bret rode with me one day to pick up another yard dog...

    this is his first terminal manager permanent job. he's previously been a driver, done training, wandered all over hill and dale for the company... and this job came up and he lives locally so its a chance to be home nightly for him...

    he's still smiling everyday when he comes to work so I'm not sure he's figured it out yet... that baby sitting 14 grown children can be a 24/7 obligation... note: bob had to carry two (2) cell phones... lmao !!!

    yep... wait till he figures out, some are habitually late... some can't work enough... some have other commitments and always make doctor appointments for friday afternoon on their weekend off...

    others take vacation 2 days at a pop on their weekend to work...

    some don't want more than a hundred miles from home and will take 11 hours to do that run...

    a few navigate via truckstop game rooms or who's got what on the buffet that day...

    one is on light duty... mostly between his ears...

    one is a tattletale... and on slow days will make stuff up to fill in the blanks... lol

    one is apparently mute... or else has his jaw wired shut.

    one brings his personal problems to work with him and tries to spread the burden... lol

    oh yes... bob needed two phones.... and used them all day and half the night:biggrin_2559:

    hope he negotiated pay accordingly...

    but... other than this giggle... its still pretty much same as always... pays the bills and keeps me getting up in the mornings.
  10. tjk

    tjk Bobtail Member

    Mar 21, 2011
    grand rapids, mi
    thanks, everyone for the info. thinking about talking to them here in the great white north called michigan.
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