The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by wwest, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. spyder7723

    spyder7723 Road Train Member

    Mar 31, 2013
    sarasota, fl
    I learned a long time ago some people never grew past the age of 12.
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  3. nikmirbre

    nikmirbre Road Train Member

    Jul 27, 2011
    Just answer the questions honestly. Some asked have you been charged, some asked have you been convicted…….
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  4. BuckeyeCowboy63

    BuckeyeCowboy63 Medium Load Member

    May 28, 2013
    Cincinnati, OH
    So what he used emoticons. Several drivers I have seen aint showered in weeks or dont wash their hands after visting the john. One ol boy yesterday was in clothes and a bathrobe walking to his truck...seeing all this you all are worried about emoticons....i would think you would need to be the ones to grow up. Not the op.
  5. heavyhaulerss

    heavyhaulerss Road Train Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    Forget about trucking! I see a made for t.v. movie, with a book deal to follow. :blob5:
  6. wwest

    wwest Bobtail Member

    Jan 26, 2014
    Harrison, AR
    Thanks. That's two for tell the truth.
  7. CondoCruiser

    CondoCruiser The Legend

    Apr 18, 2010
    Shouldn't you be running for mayor of Harrison, AR instead of in MO? Truckers cross state lines not mayors! I never knew a mayor that lived in an apartment complex. :)

    Yes tell the truth.
  8. wwest

    wwest Bobtail Member

    Jan 26, 2014
    Harrison, AR
    I'm sorry. I consider what I went through to be extremely serious. And if you don't think so, then I suggest you go down to your local jail and have them lock you up for sixteen months without a conviction or trial.

    I added icons to try and make the exposition lighter and easier to read. In your case, apparently, you had more difficulty reading it. For which I apologize.

    You must note however that other posters, answered the question I asked directly and without provocation. Furthermore - if they had difficulty with the icons - they saw fit to overlook those minor details and stay focused on the topic.

    I am able to thank them, because they cared enough to provide answers. I am not able to say thanks to you because you saw fit not to answer the question I asked.

    And at my age, that's as "serious" as I get.

    Best wishes

    Ok, let's take your logic to the max: I'm immature and I'm a child. Wonderful!

    Now that we've established that . . .

    Do you feel any better?


    Isn't it just the strangest thing you ever saw, Buckeye? For some reason telling my story has engendered hatred in some of these guys.

    I majored in psychology and even I can't understand it. Could it be they're subconsciously mad that I won? PM me if you have any idea what's going on. And thanks for your help!
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  9. BuckeyeCowboy63

    BuckeyeCowboy63 Medium Load Member

    May 28, 2013
    Cincinnati, OH
    Youre new here....there are super truckin steering wheel holders who have no life who hate their company, job, etc...instead of helping people they would rather make other people miserable...the mods will censor everything you isnt the emoticons that upset them it is the fact that u claimed the name of usual that is frowned upon here...they know they need a savior but sadly they dont want to humble themselves. At least that is my theory...if j told ur story without the emoticons and still mention Christ they tear you to shreads....whst bothers them is that we have one the big one in the end and they havent and they also hate freedom of two cents.
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  10. Catfish23

    Catfish23 Light Load Member

    Apr 9, 2013
    I agree with wwest and buckeye....give the man a break he has been thru a lot
  11. wwest

    wwest Bobtail Member

    Jan 26, 2014
    Harrison, AR
    Do I understand you to mean: admit that I was in jail BUT on a charge I was never found guilty of?

    Apparently, more interesting than people can handle:biggrin_25516: :laughing-guffaw:

    Wow. That hits me in the heart. I think you're exactly correct. This is my one pet peeve with trucking: The super-truckers. You know, the guys that roar by you in the snow. And then you pass them ten miles up the road. Their truck's all jacked up in the median. They drive their truck in rush hour traffic like it's a Corvette, weaving in and out of traffic.

    I see them at the truck stops and you're right: they're miserable people. I think they're doubly miserable because they know the happy people are starting to move in and take over.

    And I totally agree with you, the emoticons ploy is just a ruse.

    Likewise, you put your finger on a really deep discovery - the fact that many so-called "Americans" cannot handle free speech. Which just happens to be the very FIRST Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

    You know, I didn't even realize that I had mentioned Christ. Let alone that anyone would be threatened by the mere mention. But I guess you're right.

    I saw it at my last job and I'm seeing it here: There's an evolution happening in trucking. The know-it-alls are being replaced by the learn-it-alls. The know-it-alls accuse us of being "immature" and "childish."

    Actually, that is a quality that was encouraged by Christ. Also, I cannot think of anything more immature and childish than hating your brother . . . or yourself.

    We're part of the new world of trucking and I appreciate you and everyone else on this thread who realizes that trucking is a golden opportunity to be ambassadors for Christ throughout North America.

    As someone told me recently . . . you may be the only Bible they ever read.

    Thanks for your comments!

    Hey Catfish, appreciate your 2 cents. But just let'em have at it. In psychology it's called externalization. It's really THEMSELVES that they hate.

    The haters raised a lot of noise on this thread but the true truckers chimed in and gave real answers.

    And ya gotta give BuckeyeCowboy63 a lot of credit. IMHO he really nailed it to the wall in terms of what was going on here.

    When they hate us . . . We love'em back.

    They REALLY hate that!

    You know, that's what I thought too. But today I noticed one of the posters that had a lot to say and yet never answered my question is 59 years old!

    Some of us have a lot to learn . . . and some of us never learn.

    It's regrettable how naive Americans are about their government and local politics. Admittedly, I was too.

    Me too. Although, I didn't actually go to prison. My understanding is that jail is considered to be hard time compared to prison. Where there's better food, a commissary, weights and computers. Hopefully, I'll never know.

    Yeah and my belief is that if enough people would be willing to stand up with you, you wouldn't have had to suffer that bite. I have friends who offer me shelter. But none of them is willing to risk going up against The Empire.

    You're faking yourself out here. Politicians are ###### who do whatever their campaign contributors tell them to do and then pretend in public that it was their idea. They're essentially actors.

    It's the public that actually should be thrown in jail for one month each. Then they would wake up to the fact that if a breadwinner spends more than 3 days in jail, he loses his job and his family goes hungry.

    They'll grasp what a power the state has. And how many people make a deal with the prosecutor and plead guilty just so they can get out of jail quickly and not lose their job.

    They'll realize the show "Law & Order" is complete fiction. That only the wealthiest people in America can fight a long, drawn out case. If you don't own your own thriving business or have a huge inheritance, you're toast.


    The first thing I bought when I got my first trucking paycheck was a Tire Thumper.

    Funny. Most people probably don't even know what you're talking about. BUT I DO!

    Best wishes.

    BTW: I actually responded to your post last night and then when I hit the "Post Reply" button, Internet Explorer died. In fact, something wiped out IE completely. Even a re-install didn't help. It's taken about fourteen hours to get back online.

    Hopefully, better late than never. Thanks for sharing!

    I never liked those people at westboro baptist church! They're too immature and childish. :biggrin_25525:

    I thought the SPAM was delicious.

    I'm curious as to what you meant. What's an AMA?

    Actually, the Moral of The Story is . . .

    If you try to make a meaningful contribution to society and you wind up being crucified because of it:

    . . . Just Keep on Truckin' ! :Trailer:

    That's funny. Actually, when I'm teaming: if I'm sleeping and my partner pulls into a Pilot. I grab my shower kit, put on my sandals and walk in my jammies to the shower. And dare people to say anything.

    And you're so right . . .

    Can you imagine these people on the road? They must all be solos 'cause nobody's gonna last, teaming with them.

    I don't know about that.

    But now that I have a document on TSA stationary confirming that I was charged with five different crimes and ALL of them were dismissed, I can see myself calling an attorney and filing a suit for malicious prosecution.

    And if I can get a few companies to admit that they didn't hire me because I was incarcerated, then I have proof of actual damages.

    At which point I can see myself as a smiling owner-operator with a fleet of trucks.
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