The WORST Shippers and Receivers - Truckers WILL NOT Buy Their Products!

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  1. KB3MMX

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    Dec 29, 2014
    Shippensburg, PA

    .. center valley pa.

    In at 11:00pm for a 1:00am appointment... Door at 4:00am ... Finished and out gate at 10:30am ughhhh

    Load prior was same times in and appt but out at 9:00am ...

    Place is slow as molasses!!
  2. Flat Earth Trucker

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    Nov 19, 2018
    This HEB in San Antonio sounds purty gnarly. Glad I'll never have to deal with them.

    My personal most hated distribution center was Dollar General in South Boston, Virginny. Both of my trips there involved me staying there for about 12 hours.

    First, there was the tedious check in at the guard shack, then the long wait to be assigned a dock. To be assigned a dock, you went through another tedious check in procedure at the receiving office.

    Everyone who worked in that receiving office was the type of person who only was able to be proficient at one skill in life. And the one and only skill these stuffed shirts ever learned was how to check in freight at this particular Dollar General distribution center.

    Anyhow, instead of employing a method of verifying the contents of a particular pallet by way of a scanner or other technology of the current millennium, the Dollar General method requires two management types to physically count each item on each pallet against a shipping manifest with one manager concurring with the other as they ever so carefully move down this list.

    Standing around at the receiving office, I was stupefied by this slow process and complained loudly. The stuffed shirts in the office immediately fired back defending their tried and true method of checking in freight as if Moses himself etched in granite the almighty and infallible check in procedurals. I listened silently to one blather on about their sacred check in rites, but I bolted out the door when a second priest from on high began to chime in.

    There may be more tedious places to go like military tribunals for war criminals at The Hague in The Netherlands, but this particular Dollar General dc infuriated me.
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    Jun 17, 2018
    Miller Supply of PA

    I got unloaded fine, then left to pull on the side of their driveway where the red marker is on the map. I was doing paperwork and logs when the owner knocks on my door.

    He decides to scream at me saying that he has me timed on a clock and there’s proof I’ve been on his property for exactly 15 minutes after I’ve been unloaded and he’s calling the cops to get me to move. He continues to say how sh**y drivers are and ramble on while I’m putting my papers back so I can get out of here ASAP.

    It blows my mind how people can be so rude and so heated so quickly without provocation.

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  4. Flat Earth Trucker

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Let him call the police. If he's really screaming at you, then he could be cited for disorderly conduct.

    Just another psycho on a power trip.
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    Feb 3, 2009
    Between here and eternity
    When the police arrived, you could have sworn out a warrant against the a hole for "curse and abuse". Think again if you don't think that was not an option for you.
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  6. I was at a plant in Minnesota and when I was waiting for the guy to hand me my BOL he angrily said " You gonna sit there and stare at the back of my neck?" Then he put the paper on the desk for me to take. I wonder why he said that hah.
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  7. Flat Earth Trucker

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    Nov 19, 2018
    He was probably one of those kids who played hockey without a helmet.
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  8. Haha He did have a hockey hat on.
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  9. Hammer1113

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    It’s been a while since I had to deal with shippers or receivers, in my little niche, we load ourselves at the refineries, and unload at the customers. We don’t need signatures, so we don’t even have a need to see anyone. What I do remember most about chasing appointment times, was that a lot of times some jerk off receiving clerk would say we aren’t ready for you, go park in the north forty and we’ll be out in a couple hours. If you popped off at them, you just gave them an excuse to throw you out, or make trouble for you with your company. My standard answer became, thanks! I was looking for an excuse to take a nap, or thanks! You just got me off the hook for a crappy load. A lot of the time once you take the fun out of messing with you, they’ll have you in and unloaded fairly quick.
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    Jul 22, 2016
    Also it seems like, if your early your wrong, if your late your wrong, and if your on wait.
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