Thinking of a career in trucking

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by FCBMessi, May 4, 2017.

  1. FireLotus

    FireLotus Light Load Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    Yeah.. That is a scary prospect.. they have them running beer loads now...
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  3. FireLotus

    FireLotus Light Load Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    I am a recruiter, and fortunately I recruit for more than the trucking industry.. because that Uber Otto is a reality, and with more of them to come..

    Let's face it.. Otto doesn't change companies every 3 months...

    The Trucking Alliance Board of Directors, which represents eight large trucking companies that operate 68,000 trucks, 175,000 semitrailers and containers, and employ more than 52,000 people, unanimously passed a resolution that “supports the development of advanced vehicle technologies that enable commercial drivers to utilize highly automated driving systems, enhancing their safety and security.”

    The Trucking Alliance also supports the use of these technologies to achieve safety performance levels that rival commercial airlines and support other initiatives that focus on drivers and their safety, such as the following:

    • Supports advanced driver assisted technologies in commercial vehicles, rather than commercial vehicles that rely solely on full automation;
    • Believes that commercial drivers are an indispensable asset to the safe operation of commercial vehicles;
    • Maintains the principle that commercial drivers are necessary to improve the safety and security of the general public; and
    • Believes that commercial drivers are integral to supply chain accountability. This would include managing unforeseen weather events, emergencies, detours, vehicle conditions, computer software programs, cybersecurity disruptions, cargo security, and in providing efficient customer services”
    So.. yeah that is just down the road
  4. FCBMessi

    FCBMessi Bobtail Member

    May 3, 2017
    Tesla is uncovering their project in fall aren't they?
  5. FireLotus

    FireLotus Light Load Member

    Mar 26, 2017
    Yup.. I remember my first time over Donner pass.. fortunately I was with my trainer...

    I learned to put chains on in snowy slush and that breathing isn't always automatic.. As my trainer had keep saying your doing good.. breath...
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  6. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I was thinking today. It's sometimes good or not so good depending on what comes up.

    There was a article about going under ground. And another about hyper looping etc.

    Ive always looked at the median strips on the interstate as a potential for future work at very high speeds. Picture a situation in which trucks carried 60 tons to 100 tons at 100 to 130 mph plus. You would probably have some sort of platform to carry the semi on which it's induction by maglev etc will carry the cargo and tractor across the USA in half the time or even less if not overnight coast to coast.

    It will have to be a closed system in which non CDL people do not access ever. And it will require a sort of a FAA tower system on the ground every so many miles to keep everything smooth.

    It may be a fantasy to think you can empty a ship of 10,000 containers, stack it on trucks and have it all in Jersey next day. But suppose you could.

    We will need something beyond tractor trailers to do this cargo at such fast speeds. And if it is overbuilt, why not 200 mph?

    I don't think the Nation has enough money in all the world for such a system. But it's a thought.
  7. diesel drinker

    diesel drinker Road Train Member

    Apr 10, 2015
    I don't get your rant about immigrants x1.Where do you see immigrants driving for 25 CPM?
    If you know ANY, Chicagoland companies will pay you $1000 a head for them.Rates here (immigrants or not) start at 45 CPM up to 60 CPM.
    I tell you what man,come to Chicago and offer immigrant drivers 25 cpm. They will laugh you out of town but if you record it and put it on YT you will make money.
  8. tscottme

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Nashville, TN

    I'm in too negative a mood to post anything useful.
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  9. tman78

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    Jul 2, 2014
    What happened to OP and Firelotus?
  10. johnnyman1099

    johnnyman1099 Medium Load Member

    Mar 13, 2017
    FCB Messi,

    I started trucking with the same plan like yours over 12 years ago. I was a computer engineer from San Jose, CA who wanted a new career change to be involve in trucking. Joined up with Swift as a company driver for 6 months and then cashed a 50k truck and became an owner operator doing flatbed work with anotther company. A year later, I bought another truck and trailer and had maintenance issues that put be under when both trucks and trailers needed major repairs within a 45 day period. Over $30,000 needed for repairs.

    Bottom line, being an owner operator was the best decision I have ever made. The worst mistake was to buy multiple trucks and had drivers. Everybody wish to own trucks and have drivers drive for them but that is a big gamble. If I was to restart again and be in your shoes, I would make my wife drive and run team. Live in a truck for a few years with low cost of living and you'll have hundreds of thousands of cash saved up. Then reinvest in a different kind of business. There is just too much liabilities in trucking to trust your livelihood on a driver other than yourself.
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