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Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by bbq247365, Dec 4, 2021.

  1. bbq247365

    bbq247365 Light Load Member

    Oct 19, 2012
    General Question to the Forum:

    Pros vs Cons

    I’ve had a CDL-A since 2009 and have worked exclusively with hazmat tanker since 2011.

    I have been in bulk Cryogentics for the last two years.

    Recently I was hired by what is considered one of the best cream of the crop companies not only in my niche of trucking but probably one of the best private fleets in the industry.

    I came to them from my previous employer (also a bulk international cytogenetic company) with the intent of making a career here.

    Since working here for several months I find myself feeling some buyers remorse and I am looking for insight from the forum.

    (A) Company Inc. is my current employer. They offer amazing benefits. They are extremely safety focused. They run a very professional and clean ship. Mangers are decent. Equipment is top of the line and not one expense is spared. Maintenance is amazing. It’s local home daily job working 5 & 2 and my days off include one weekend day off.

    There is also a long history of promoting from within the organization after you do your minimum two years etc. However if your just interested in being and staying a driver, the culture of drivers retiring from here is common, even in today’s age.

    (A) Company Inc. downsides in my experience are, they pay by the load and will fight to compensate you for any unforeseen issues (ex. Getting held up at the plant) They work all holidays and weekends (common in trucking I know) They do require you do layovers and go to Canada a few times a month. They will dispatch you for 14 hrs almost daily. I find myself craving sleep more than anything else on time off.

    Now, my previous employer, (B) Company Inc.

    They were also a local home daily job. All weekends and holidays off. Paid by the hour and since being with (A) Company Inc. for a little while now and seeing the paychecks side by side, (B) Company Inc. paid be about 20% gross per week for 5 days worth of work. Again, M-F only. No Canada and no layovers either.

    (B) Company Inc. was very disorganized. The equipment was JUNK. Local management was overwhelmed and overwork ed in my opinion, which of course funnels down to the driver. The benefits were not bad but expensive for a small family.

    So. I’ve been offered my old driver position back at (B) Company Inc. and I’d like to ask the group their opinion.

    I’m really torn. If I want to stay in trucking then (A) Company Inc. is where it’s at in my thoughts even with the loss in pay but my family life hasn’t been the same working the weekends and holidays.

    (B) Company Inc. is a great job but not a career. If I’d like to figure out what’s next for me there is a lot worse places to work too.

    I just guess I’m stressed about the FOMO with what the long term potential is with (A) Company Inc. but I am missing out on time with my family and friends by working here. (B) Company Inc. pays the bills and gives the gift of more time.

    Thanks for reading.
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  3. Rugerfan

    Rugerfan Road Train Member

    May 3, 2011
    I’d not go back to company B. Sounds like a not so great place. I get being unhappy at company A though. I’d either stay there, or find a place close to it if possible.
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  4. Geekonthestreet

    Geekonthestreet Light Load Member

    Jun 27, 2021
    It’s not about making THE right decision but A right decision. For example I’m going to be doing bulk chemical driver training. I also got offered jobs as a fermentation engineer and a pipe fitter. Did I make THE right decision? Can’t say. Did I make A right decision? Abso-freaking-lutely. They were all six figure jobs and I picked the one I thought would take my career where I wanted it to go. I’m not gonna fret about the other choices I didn’t take.
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  5. bbq247365

    bbq247365 Light Load Member

    Oct 19, 2012
    I really appreciate this. I don’t like being indecisive. I made a choice to go to company A. Thank you.

  6. UturnGirl

    UturnGirl Road Train Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    It sounds as if your and your family's happiness is at stake here.. If your original company is stable, and not likely to go out of business, and you can live well on the pay, perhaps you should go back to the place where you were happier and, obviously, appreciated.
    That's just my two cents. Good luck.
  7. bbq247365

    bbq247365 Light Load Member

    Oct 19, 2012
    I’d say there is some truth to this.

    My wife is extremely supportive and understanding and will back my choice of employer/employment regardless of what I choose. I am very fortunate.

    The biggest difference that I have noticed in the last few months is how much I have been feeling like I am back working in the oil and gas in the industry again. I worked in the oil patches of West Texas and New Mexico and Oklahoma for over 10 years and most of those years I worked six and one, 70+ hours a week etc, I made lots of money and bought nice stuff and had good vacations but the one I can’t get ever back is my time. Many holidays/family events/birthdays were missed.

    My old employer although it was a trucking division attached Cryogentics company they had a very strong work life balance as part of their culture. You won’t get rich there but it’s a good paycheck and is stable.

    Current employer will ask you to work 14hrs a day and then ask you to come in on your day off. The extra money is nice to have or always know it’s there if I want it which is truly a blessing no doubt to have so much work but my kids are 2 and 1 (nine months apart) and I don’t want to miss out on my family.

    I appreciate your input.

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  8. Arctic_fox

    Arctic_fox Road Train Member

    Sep 16, 2016
    Its a case of what you value more. As an outsider looking in ill say from experince that while having good equipment and orginization with great pay and bennys is nice. It can wear you down over time if your unhappy. If your never home to spend the extra money or worse become reliant ON that extra money then you can easily start to feel trapped in a situation you dont like. Over time it can really make you hate life in general and if your never home it can really have a negitive effect on family life. And if your not worried about the long term because you already have other plans or are just rideing the last few years until you can retire out of driving then in that case going back to company B would make a lot of sense.

    HOWEVER, you also need to look at your prioritys. If company B is unstable and equipment is sketchy then its only a matter of time before bad things happen. The insurance is obviously worse so if god forbid someone gets injured or sick you could be in a bad position. And if you get red tagged pulling cyro that can be a pretty bad mark on your license amd record that may make it omposible to go back to A. Additionally it sounds like B doesnt have any opertunitys to phase out of driving and move to a desk job or less stressful position. If you need long term planning and secruity now then company A is your best choice.

    It can be a hard call sometimes. Not to sound like a sterotypical millennial here but you do need to ballence life and work. While hard work is important as hell and sometimes is ehat is required you also need to preserve your sanity and home life as well. If you go too far to one extreme or the other then its very easy to lose one or both. So to make a good choice, sit down and think about the next 10 years. Where do you plan to be and what do you want to do? Talk to the wifey and see how she feels. Look at your finances and see where they sit ect.

    Hope that helps
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  9. kemosabi49

    kemosabi49 Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    If you can make good enough bank at Company B to support your family, that's where I would go. You can't get back the things you miss as your kids grow up and working all 14 hr days you will miss a lot. IMO.
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  10. bbq247365

    bbq247365 Light Load Member

    Oct 19, 2012
    Absolutely, and that’s part of the reason why I feel so conflicted.

    If it was just an issue of home time now and extra money sometimes it would be a no-brainer.

    I am looking down the road 10-15 years and remembering that there is going to be a time where my kids don’t wanna hang out with Dad anymore and although I do have a very stable relationship it is important for me to have something I get up and want to do every day.

    I do see that potential at my current employer. Especially with how they invest in their people as assets and not expenses.

    The major three reasons I left my old employer were for my current one are:

    -significantly better and more affordable insurance for me and my family.

    -much better long-term operations and opportunities within the organization

    -A phenomenal retirement program

    Old employer had decent money and great home time but their equipment was truly junk.

    Going weeks and weeks with trailer brakes that were leaking when you depressed them from the brake chambers. Not one single piece of equipment was free of hydraulic oil leaks. Just an overall run with it until it completely breaks on the side of the road attitude.

    after almost 2 years that kind of culture around their equipment in the whole “safety“ until it affects our bottom line attitude really didn’t sit well with me anymore and that’s why I started looking.

    I know where I’m at with my current organization is just starting wrong and if I stick it out I think it’ll be better. Thank you so much for listening to me rant as a fellow millennial here too.

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  11. Lazer

    Lazer Heavy Load Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    With kids growing up, and the value of hometime, I would back to Company B.

    I, for a stretch of nearly 14 years ran nite time line haul for one the industry’s best ltl companies. Yes the pay was very good, good equipment, etc., etc. But, the time away from family, and functions took a toll. As I look back on it now, there are many, many times I think to myself ‘I never should have done that’.
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