TMC Drivers, I have questions

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    With ATS and Combined and Systems, there's no wait to get under an RGN. With TMC and PGT, theres a 2 or 3 yr wait (that's what PGT told me). Your very first load can be oversized.

    I do understand why they do structure things the way they do...lots of guys think they got it and lots of guys hit bridges. Some guys got it until their old lady pisses them off or gives them wood. Then he becomes the all time greatest screwup the world has ever seen.

    Some guys think that they can slack on the smaller loads and pull out the A Game for the high end loads. It doesn't work.
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    I might be resurrecting an old thread, but I talked to the TMC recruiter this morning. He said they have inverters, but no APUs.
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    Anyone have anthing to say about Rinaudo trucking based out of Jacksonville FL. Specialized fleet with grey trucks.
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    You can run a fridge without APU or inverter. I have a pretty big dorm fridge/freezer built in and it runs off batteries.
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