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    The company I work for had me run a new 2023 Chevrolet HD Pickup to another location for them. Real nice ride. Nicer than the truck I usually run. One problem. The new pickups no longer have a cigarette lighter female plug. I wanted to use my GPS but nowhere to plug in. Luckily being a new truck the onboard map’s worked and I didn’t have to worry about bridges etc. Just wondering if I ever run into this can I attach my GPS to the mount and power it from the USB port with the USB cord I got with the GPS? I saw an adapter on Amazon for USB to Female Lighter. Don’t think they’ll do away with plugs in trucks but you never know with as crazy as things are. Would be good to know because they asked me if I would be willing to help them when needed on these runs if available. Work is work.
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    My RM 740 GPS would connect and run off USB power provided you used the included USB power cord. A standard or generic USB power supply would NOT run the GPS. The GPS consumed more power than the 2.4 watts so if you used one my GPS would eventually powerdown.

    An alternative is to connect a 12 volt cigarette power outlet to the vehicle's battery. Like this.
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