To part-time dock workers at OD

Discussion in 'Old Dominion' started by mwehrle, Mar 1, 2018.

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    Feb 24, 2018
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    I was recently offered a part-time dock worker position. I want to take it because I know where it can lead. Have to convince my wife however as it will initially be a pay cut from my current sales job.

    My question to you is: how long did you have to wait to get into the CDL training class? It sounds like from what others have said on the forum that 6 months is typical. And while a part-time dock worker did you ever get extra hours and if so how often and how many hours were typical?
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    There's another forum called Truckingboards that only discusses ltl companies. You might want to try over there if you still need an answer. Good luck.
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