To Turn or Not to Turn? Please settle this dilemma, Left on green

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  1. rbrtwbstr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    in the bush somewhere

    I find that it is easier. I run locally in central PA. Some areas I go have gone through significant growth since I've been driving. The roads are still the same as when they were first built in the 50's or whenever. So you have way more traffic, and outdated roads, with antiquated traffic lights. It's a cluster sometimes.

    Good example would be route 222 near Fleetwood. I'm through there a lot. Last summer they put in a few roundabouts where there was formerly red lights that used to create a traffic nightmare. Now things at least keep moving, even with truck traffic. But Penndot left one red light at route 222 and 73. If you're going north on 222 and wanna turn left on 73, you don't have a choice but to pull into the intersection and wait for a yellow light to make the turn, otherwise you'll wait all day because nobody will give you a brake. A left turn arrow sure would be nice there but I guess someone didn't see the need. A roundabout would've solved that issue.

    They're not perfect for everywhere, but if designed and planned for correctly, they work well.
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  3. Opus

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    Dec 18, 2011
    South GA
    Personally, I hate a traffic circle because you never know what people are going to do.
    I'd lot's rather sit at a traffic light or even a stop sign.
  4. AModelCat

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    Jul 7, 2015
    They put one in where I grew up and a decade later the locals still don't understand how to use the thing.
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  5. gentleroger

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Once folks figure them out they're a thing of beauty.

    There's a paper recycler 4 miles from the GB yard where I would typically find my empty on my way out of the house. Back in the day it was a 20 minute drive, not a big deal because on AOBRs I could make the drive without logging it. They changed all the stoplights and stop signs to roundabouts and it's an 8 minute drive.

    Heading from the yard to the De Pere industrial park used to be a nightmare - 8 mile drive would take over an hour, now it's a 15 minute drive.

    Running WI 33 from I-41 to Beaver Dam traffic stacks up at all the 4 way stops but flows freely at the roundabouts.

    There are places where they're not appropriate, and even more where the builders did a piss poor job (looking at you Conway, AR), but when done properly they are wonderful.
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    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    Road test with a Penske instructor years ago, he said, "If you are in the intersection when the light changes to yellow, I will fail you." FWIW
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    Oct 14, 2022
    I was told by two instructors, one lead, that I need to claim/own the intersection on this test in this state.
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