Today my co driver broke the air bags on the trailer?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by dahookup29, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Some of those trailer air bags are a pain to remove. Rust can cause some big time hurt on them. Plus finding someone that has FOUR in stock could be an issue as well. Sounds like he had the pin in the slider and trailer brakes on or backed up to something and then continue to back and caused the bags to come off the base. That was a lot of force one way or the other to get all four bags. They must be short bags and not the longer ones.
  2. Blind Driver

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    Something happened that will probably never get explained properly nor repeated.
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    I was getting my flatbed unloaded by electromagnet crane when the power went out. (receiver required air to be inflated while unloading) Needless to say when 48,000 pounds fell on my bed from 10 feet up, all 4 bags blew, both axles got bent, all the rims bent and the mildly damaged tired all blew off the rims. Took about 2 hours to replace the bags, but the axles took a long time. The tires were find but 5 rims needed to be replaced. the others needed to be bent and all the rubber remounted.
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    Pushing too hard in reverse against the stops with the brakes set will torque the suspension, could stretch the bags past their design limits if there are no stops, and it usually destroys the shock absorbers at the same time. (pulls them apart)

    A friend and I were discussing someone doing this just today.
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    Sliding tandems?

    I've seen someone blow both tractor air bags rocking back and forth with the power divider on
    .....they had their trolley brake pulled from checking the lights.....
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    LOL @ CRST drivers posting this thread.
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    Every time he parks he always leave the red one out n only keeps the yellow in, for what, i dont know. So i dont know if that had something to do with it. The pins was push in
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    So who was responsible for paying for all that damage? On one hand, the consignee could be held responsible since it happened on his lot during an unloading procedure. On another, potentially the power company could be held responsible for having the initial outage that caused the electro-magnet to lose power and drop the load.....or does this kind of thing get chalked up as "An Act Of God" by the insurance company? I certainly hope it didn't come out of the driver's pocket (although these days I wouldn't be all that surprised)......
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    That makes no sense what so ever. Why set the trailer when parking? Set the ####### tractor! My trailers have a 4 bag dump on the supply. Only time the trailer is ever set is when I drop the trailer or it gets loaded or unloaded. The van we had Perviously also had a 4 bag auto dump when the supply was pulled. Set the trailer, pull the pins, check the pins, if a pin is stuck get the hammer beat it out, slide your tandems, check, adjust, push handle in make sure the pins lock all 4 and go. Its not rocket science.

    The way you're exaing what happened and the way your talking I'm sensing this is a complete line of b.s. not to mention the wanna be on the side. Any driver knows you call road service ASAP and get it fixed. Call road service tell them all 4 bags on the trailer are blown get your flashlight get them the bag numbers and get it fixed.
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    I don't know why either because he should leave the red one in and pull the yellow one (that sets the tractor brakes and leaves the trailer brakes free).
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