Tornado at the Truckstop

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    In a lot of small New England towns the fire station will let go a peal of the emergency whistle at noon. About 10 seconds worth.
    I am sure I'd probably, since my mind doesn't gravitate much toward food and I'm not naturally inclined to think 'oh, ####, tornado!' would probably think 'ah, noon-time...... why's everyone so excited?' Haha.
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    Mar 5, 2016
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    A tornado warning is one note sustained for the first three blasts.

    The final when spotters are chasing it, tracking etc the siren is allowed to stay on to a lower growl scream to be either blown away or when it's all clear.

    Atomic Attack sirens have a wavering note rising and falling in pitch and volume those will not turn off until they are blown up. Usually these are the last to be up and on about 1 to 3 minutes prior to impact.

    There is at one time a number of fallout shelters, but to be brutally honest all they are good for is self contained burial sites where a dozer will pile dirt on the sides and top and put a marker on top after everyone inside has been baked by a firestorm.

    We live in Titan II silo country, but that is all buried except three I know of being restored. Jacksonville is the also the last MX Storage Railroad accessble bunker with approx 54 MX Peacekeepers, those ride on red boxcars with 8 axles under them rather then the 4 that common rail cars other than heavy lift ride. They are usually identified via CINCNORAD Shield for Strategic strike Wing.

    If you want to have some fun, google Crysler HEMI V8 driven sirens that were mounted on roof school. These things clear and burn off 10 miles of morning fog in light of sight and when left on too long ignigte forest fire. These things can be heard at distances that are still being discovered today, mainly due to atmospheric inversions in which cool air is sinking, forcing the sound to curve downwards following the earth's curvature.

    Use to have that on our school long ago. When that thing coughed through the start up, we kids were already moving into the basement which offered blast protection. Due to Aberdeen, NCA and so on all over that part of the USA.
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    Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.