Trader Joe's Lacey Washington.

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    Oct 28, 2019
    I had an issue with Trader Joe's unloading my truck. Upon inspection in the Am in the back of my truck there were no holes. After Delivery I had three holes . I almost did not say anything because I knew they would deny it and it would be my word against them . Instead of them being nice about it like I was being they were very rude and very argumentative.While the guy is yelling at me telling me the holes are old when the truck is only two months old and I did my inspection that morning. I just walked awaway before I ripped him another place the sun won't shine. I know my truck I unload and load at all my stops except this one. I know when something happens. My whole point about telling them was that if they are going to unload trucks that are not their own then they need to be more careful! Anyone else have issues like this one and how did you proceed?
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    I load and unload my truck with the help of the customer or the shipper, so I do not have this problem.
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    file a claim against them.
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