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    VERY. But only if you had a student for a strict structured 8 week period plus a small file to fill in the student's expected mile stones each week. It was no picknic. At the end of the 8 weeks the student will be given a final road trip and expected to demonstrate that you actually in fact trained same.

    Mine was a little different with FFE. I went ahead and had my spouse as a full reefer team inside of two weeks. I told her that Im going to lay it on her like the Marines laid on her and find her weak spots then work on that. Obviously we worked that out and she ran with me as a full driver for most the year, first with FFE then with McKesson of Memphis hauling million dollar value loads of narcotics for hospitals in unmarked vehicles with a qualcomm on both trailer and tractor. She finally demonstrated obesity early onset due to poor food on the road which ... was plentiful but bad in cholesterol and fat. Carboyhdrates was the worst. If you are going to eat and maintain weight, it has to be protein as most as possible with the physical labor to work it off each day.
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    Pardon me for sidetracking your topic....but have you considered working for the Postal Service?
    It's a government job, Federal to be exact, so there's definately a Military Pride atmosphere. And the pay and benifits are among the best in the industry, and your home every night.

    Military vets get priority over regular applicants. So if you applied for a Tractor Trailer Position, you would start off as a Level 8 Career status driver. Your years of service counts as experience if you drove in the military. Probally half of the people I work with are Ex Military. The Postal Service is the largest employer of miltary vets, so you'll definately find people you can relate with.
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    Don't waste your time. Do more research. Find companies in your area. CRE is at the bottom. You can become a trainer as little as 6 mos but you make 30 cents a mile. There are plenty starter companies that start at minimum 35 cents. Guess what your start off pay is? 14 cents. Also consider other avenues of training. Being stuck on a truck with a stranger for a month is a lot different than the training you may be accustomed to. In conclusion once you become a trainer you cannot break in between without forfeiting your trainer pay. Overall you can do better and as a vet you can get your class a for free
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    They booked me for orientation in a few weeks, I have four years of experience and I already know their reputation. I've heard mostly bad and a few goods about CRE. I was told by the recruiter that the trainer pay is "0.34 cpm" for all miles. I've been off the road for about 3 months and one thing I can say about CRE is that are a true 48 state company which I am looking for Just don't like the negatives I hear, but that is at every company. Still praying about it.
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    $0.48/mile for half the miles the truck ran at CRST.

    You'll make money at that rate. You should average 4500 miles a week. If you get a strong student you'll do almost 5000. Yes CRE you will get around lol. They have some long runs.
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    Iirc from orentation its like. 28CPM(split) +2CPM for all truxk miles.

    You can also ad on a 2nd studen to the truck but not sure how the pay is for that.

    They also stress to studenta not to be in top bunk well someones driving (i/c and o/o can but no CRE emplyees may)

    Then theirs bonsus for students passing upgrades first try, xontouning driving for cre etc.
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