Trans Am Trucking, Inc. - Olathe, Ks.

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by Werewolf, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Panhandle flash

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Oklahoma City
    Well I see from the dates of my last posting, I was still in training with this company. Am still a company driver with them and doing ok. Company still does a lot of things that drive me up the wall but....gotta get your dues somewhere. So why am I still here after getting my year in? In this economy and with the insurance the way it is, most good companies are going to want 2 or even 3 yrs experience before hiring you. Might as well stay with the beast I know than go to another company just like them.
    After reading posts about other companies, good and bad and good going bad, at least this company has decent trucks. APU's, inverters, fridges, etc. Don't have to worry about idling restrictions, if somethings broke, they fix it, etc.
    So, am I a company insider? Not no but heck no, also didn't do the lease thing either.
    I look back over some of my posts and I've come to a conclusion. Most of my bad posts came from not knowing what the industry is like or what to expect. Hope this helps somebody new.
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  3. msh800x

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    Feb 16, 2010
    upstate ny
    i drove for trans-am from sept. 1997 to sept. 1999, but left to try and go to a local job which turned out to be bogus, ive regretted leaving them since. as for waiting at meat houses, i myself at time had to wait until i was ready to claw my way out of the sleeper waiting for a load to be ready, and even then there was no detention for it, when you signed on with them they gave you a book of places to eat, sleep, and keep yourself occupied while you waited for meat loads.

    waiting sucked, but i had an excellent dipsatcher(wayne), i made good money with them, and i love doing the long runs were at least i could get in a day where i only had to drive, though i still hate grocery warehouses with a passion, and NO I AM NOT A SPY WITH THE COMPANY.
  4. channel 19

    channel 19 Light Load Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    i appreciate info on trans am
  5. bigpetesbee

    bigpetesbee Bobtail Member

    Mar 25, 2007
    hello all i wasn't sayng all positive post are from company insiders but i hope we can all do the math IE: if there are 1000 posts and 900 are bashing said company it to me is simple math the company is bad i am sure if i did a search on here i could find good and bad post on the company i drive for CFI/ con-way but for all the newbies and i was one ust remember what a wise ole truck driver said to our class at truck driving school when asked which company was good to drive for IE: werner swift trans am roehl ect. his resopnse was anyone of those companies are giving you a chance and not many other companies would do that so there all good starter companies so make a list of what each company has to offer IE: detention pay layover cpm benefits will allow inverters ect then narrow your list it worked for me thanks roger
  6. wolfix

    wolfix Bobtail Member

    Jan 7, 2009
    I have mostly positive things to say about TransAm, as a company driver. After 2 years, I am still there. I do not have to be there, as I live in the part of the country where reefer jobs are dime a dozen.
    The reason I went to TransAm was what I was told by experienced reefer company owners. They told me that if I wanted to learn the business, TransAm is the company. I found that out to be true. We get to run all parts of the country except the Pacific Northwest, with excellent equipment.
    The equipment you get at TransAm is sweet. Newer trucks with APU's, inverters, great sound system, and a company that takes car of the equipment. As a beginning driver, you will do no better.
    I do know that the dispatch at TransAm is frustrating at times. But ask any driver of any other company if they do not have the same problems.
    New drivers need to know this......... Trucking is a rough business. I entered trucking at a later age in life, after running 2 successful business.
    It was a eye opener to me, and I am not innocent. But it was something I always wanted to do.
    As a trucker you wll be abused by most everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis. Do not expect to be treated with the respect you deserve by the general public and the shipper/recievers. They simply do not like you. The truckers in front of you caused that.
    The biggest complaint I hear from drivers [at TransAm]concerns the lease program. Most drivers who complain, do not understand that they entered into a business relationship with TransAm and trucking. And I know well, that when starting a new buisness, you do not have days off.You need to be running that truck. You need to conserve fuel. Any lease driver who does not voluntarily govern his truck at 66 is making a major mistake. Fuel is part of the battle.
    In business, you need to know the numbers. W/O a computer program detailing your expenses, you are just guessing. You need to know the numbers. Get involved in reality, not truckstop bullcrap. I am amazed at how many old truckers there are who do not have a clue what they are making. No wonder the banks get so many nice trucks back.
    New driver, know this. As you sit in the lounge at TransAm you hear so many drivers who boast of "telling their dispatch " this and that. Do not believe it. They are the same 'Radio Rambo's" who get on the CB and squak all night.
    Develope a relationship with your dispatcher. I know hard that can be, but it makes a difference.
    Yesterday I had to sit at a meathouse in west Texas, but my dispatcher had me running trlers. Made a extra $100 while waiting for a load. The guys in euipment repairs knew that I would help out, so they contacted my dispatch for help. Remember, it is a 2 way street in any business relationship.
    Good luck out there.
  7. LooneyTune

    LooneyTune Just plain nuts

    Sep 12, 2009
    Ottawa, Illinois
    I used to drive for Trans Am. I actually called them about getting rehired and they said only way they would hire me is if I went on the lease purchase. I have no interest in that at all. I heard Russ is running the show now?
  8. Panhandle flash

    Panhandle flash Road Train Member

    Jul 18, 2008
    Oklahoma City
    Yep, Russ is running the show and the beans are being counted very carefully. Not surprised about what they told you either. They try to push the lease as much as they can and especially if your experienced. Guess they figure they've got you over a barrel.
  9. dirt

    dirt Bobtail Member

    Jan 21, 2009
    i can speak from expierience as well, I have leased with trans am since the first week of dec. 09. I am lucky to get 500 a week. when i have a week starting with good miles you can bet your ##### i will be sitting somewhere in the middle of the week.
    just like right now. got to where i am now and was preplanned to unload and pick up a 1450 mile load. as soon as i sent in my empty, they pulled my preplan and i have been sitting here for 8 hours now.
    I swear it seems like once you hit 1500-2000 miles they stop trying to load you, that is just enough miles to make your truck payment and insurance and pay for the fuel to make those miles.
    like someone else said you have to watch your fuel and you cant run over 65-66 miles an hour or you are just wasting money.
    You do get a fuel surcharge but they will dead head you alot if you let them.6-7 hundered miles a week, you dont get the fuel surcharge on empty miles.
    they say it is to get you to a good load, that is crap 90 % of the time.
    I am not new to this industry and I dont plan on being here much longer. I only took the job here because of the bad economy, no one else seems to be hiring right now. I as hoping this changes in the near future.
    I would say that if you are new and go company, stay away from the lease,it could be a good company to get expierence from.
    I talked to driver this morning who has been with trans am for 5 years as a company driver, he likes it here and doesnt want to go anywhere else. his only complaint was the 61 mph truck he has.
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  10. jtrnr1951

    jtrnr1951 Road Train Member

    Most companies do that........

    Spreading the miles amongst all the drivers.........
  11. Midwest Kid

    Midwest Kid Bobtail Member

    Dec 25, 2008
    Lincoln, NE

    I thought you loved Marten so much you would never leave there....:biggrin_2556:
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