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    One of the unintended consequences of the ELD implementation. If you choose to use a mobile device, phone or tablet, it must be in a holder within view of the driver.
    Since all of the devices are capable of receiving streaming video, we are now seeing many more rear end collisions where the driver is watching a video on his phone. Not legal to do, but who obeys the law anymore?
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    Considering fatal accidents with CDL is around 4000. With all things considered that number is relatively low. Considering that a high number of accidents with CDL the CDL driver is NOT at fault. The day night switching of schedule is not an easy task for drivers to take such loads. It should be drivers call, as he is behind the wheel. Most companies demand delivery. Many things have changed: speed governed, controlled braking, controlled off duty time, lower ppm because of added cost of emissions. As long as dispatch can find legal hours and driver shuts off "on duty" while sitting in docks for no pay, the driver is pushed into another load- ready or not
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    Before this post was made many members have said such on this forum, and not believed the hype. Guess what they were right.
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