Trimble Duo software glitch

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    Here's one and maybe some of you either had heard or have experienced this. I have the duo installed in this truck. No issues until they pushed out an update last year. Now our fleet is compromised of mainly 2019 and newer Cascadias, but a few of us have international lt trucks. I am in a '21 model. After the update I would be driving down the road and out of the corner of my eye, see a dialog box on screen, "your vehicle hasn't moved in over five minutes, switching to on duty" and it gives you the option of staying in drive or another status. Of course if you do nothing, it goes to on duty by default. I asked our safety department about this and was told after the update there was a glitch that affected 2021 and 2022 international trucks. Something about the software not jiving with the truck's computer. Supposedly, a patch was released that fixed the issue in the 22 models but it didn't work in the 21.
    My company is nice enough to have given us the PC line, but when it glitches like this, the unit is reading it as I've shut off the truck then restarted. Now if you're parked on PC abs restart truck you get the box that asks if you want to continue using PC. However, you guys know what happens if you're driving down the highway, you don't get this option, automatically you go to drive. I was told this glitch basically reads the truck rpm at 0 then when it picks back up, suddenly it thinks you started driving without entering a status. The guys in the Cascadias aren't having this issue and Trimble customer service has been so helpful .
    So, anyone else experienced this or heard of it? If so, any solution, other than removing device and chunking it out the window?
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