truck not moving while in gear

Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by united972, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. united972

    united972 Bobtail Member

    May 26, 2016
    I just got loaded In Ohio I put my truck In gear and it doenst move. I hear spinning noise towards rear end but truck doesnt move.

    After about 30 mins of trying to see what's wrong I could figure it out.

    I put the inter axle lock on and now i can move the truck. I'm slowly taking it to a mechanic but do you have any ideas what it could be??

    Truck is freightliner classic 10 speed Detroit
  2. Cattleman84

    Cattleman84 Road Train Member

    Nov 1, 2017
    Broken pinion, ring gear, axle, or some other part in rearmost differential.
  3. Sdatruckinginc

    Sdatruckinginc Bobtail Member

    Jan 18, 2019
    Power divider bad had same prob
  4. x1Heavy

    x1Heavy Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Your rears broke something really important. Your interlock makes it possible to move a little bit. Get to a spot where a tow truck can get to you or directly to a dealer or shop big enough for those jobs. At some point that interlock will fail when more stuff breaks. To me it's a final resort to crawl out of trouble with a blown rear.

    You are not going anywhere today.
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  5. little cat 500

    little cat 500 Road Train Member

    Jan 17, 2010
    Abbottstown PA
    broke the threw shaft
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  6. Hammer166

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    Aug 18, 2007
    ~8600+' and loving it!
    Could be a ring or pinion in either rear, could be the thru shaft, it could also be the power divider itself, although it'd be unusual for it to still lock, although possible.
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  7. BoxCarKidd

    BoxCarKidd Road Train Member

    Aug 26, 2014
    Most often it snapped an axle. If the P/D is not locked does the rear or inter axle drive shaft turn? If it does the problem is in the rear rear. If not the problem is in the front rear.
    All of those horrible things mentioned are possible and more.
    I have knocked out the axle end. Used a piece of angle iron to pick the other half out. Then used a magnet to clean out in the hole. If you have all the big pieces the ring and pinion are safe. Put the axle in then rock and roll. If you have driven it is more questionable. You can drain and flush. Pick around in the center housing with a magnet. It is a case by case judgement in my opinion. Pull it just to get the junk out or drive it home. Then drop the oil and flush it out.
  8. AUfan78

    AUfan78 Light Load Member

    Feb 13, 2018
    Mobile, Alabama
    I've had that happen with an old RD mack and it done the same thing.
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  9. AModelCat

    AModelCat Road Train Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Could be pretty much anything in either rear end. Everything is reactionary to everything else in a tandem drive axle setup. Break any axle shaft, any ring/pinion, through shaft etc and the truck will not move without the inter axle locked in. If you leave the IAD unlocked, put it in gear and have a 2nd person (standing in a safe location, out of the line of fire) verify if the inter axle shaft is turning you can figure out which diff is toast. If the inter axle driveshaft spins and there is no drive, the rear drive is pooched. If the inter axle driveshaft does not spin, the front drive axle is the problem.
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