Truck stop reward cards.

Discussion in 'Truck Stops' started by redimpss5, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. redimpss5

    redimpss5 Light Load Member

    May 5, 2012
    Hayward Ca.
    How many times have you been to the fuel desk and/or the other desk to have the person ask you "Do you have a reward card?" well, have they ever asked you if you want one? I have a pilot reward card, but I don't have any from the other places. In the last 3 weeks, they keep asking, but never offer a card. Is there a secret handshake or something, or do the attendents working there not give a crap? Do I need to have one from all the stops?
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  3. Sequoia

    Sequoia Road Train Member

    Dec 4, 2010
    Tampa Bay, FL
    ..have you tried asking?
    Love's have them at the registers.
    TA/Petro you have to sign up at the Driver's Kiosk.
    FlyingJ you just give them your Pilot rewards card.
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  4. aiwiron

    aiwiron Road Train Member

    Aug 24, 2011
    Sunny Tampa Florida
    I use my card

    I have received points at T/A Petro's and they ad up, have over 50.00 in points so far and intend on using it someday. Quick for showers and it runs for 10 days rather than 24 hours.
  5. ralph

    ralph Road Train Member

    Mar 1, 2009
    At The Key Board
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  6. Cranky Yankee

    Cranky Yankee Cranky old ######

    Jan 31, 2012
    Green Bay Wi
    i have them all I just refuse to pay for showers
    Ambest TS's have not the cleanest showers but better then me smelling like a bull wagon
    and I had to ask most places nobody was holding my hand
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  7. Derov

    Derov Light Load Member

    Sep 18, 2011
    I often forget how much better some rewards programs are than others. Last week I gave my Loves card to a Subway employee and said confidently, "I don't want to use my points, thanks." She looked at me like I was retarded and asked why I was giver her the card if I didn't want to use my points? Turns out Loves reward program != Flying J/Pilot reward program.
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  8. RickG

    RickG Road Train Member

    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
    T/A / Petro cards are a PIA because you can't use the card directly . You have to print a credit slip and spend more than the full amount. They won't give change.
    In most cases Love's is the only one where you have to go to the fuel desk to get a shower. That is annoying because in every Love's I've been in on the 3rd shift the person working the fuel desk is the one cleaning showers . People are always kept waiting.
  9. Grumppy

    Grumppy Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Dec 11, 2010
    West Monroe, La
    I only use one card & its a Loves card. Its really no preference over others, its just what I started with & I just always go to Loves when I can. I have about $110 worth in points. I've had up to around $140. I usually use it for power converters, gloves, CB parts/connections etc.
  10. Wooly Rhino

    Wooly Rhino Road Train Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    Liberty, Missouri
    I used my pilot card for three years and never once asked what I got for using it. The run I was on was a team over night run so I never really needed anything. Finally, I was running solo and decided a shower would be nice. I give them the card and they informed me that it had never been activated. Three years they swiped the card and never activated it? I now am a costumer of TA and their card works.
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  11. Colorato

    Colorato Road Train Member

    Feb 22, 2011
    My Pilot card hasn't been getting points put on it every time I fuel. Seems to be real hit and miss. Biggest scam I have seen lately is from the cashier. They'll ask if you have a card and then scan it and use your points and not tell you and pocket your cash.
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