Trucker at Shaw's picket line arrested on charges of assaulting cop

Discussion in 'Truckers News' started by rookietrucker, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. blackw900

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    Jul 12, 2009
    An opinion not shared by the overwhelming majority of people in the workforce.

    Oh no!!! Not that!
    You can call me anything....But ya' better not call me a goof!, Them's fightin' words! LOL!

    And then they hired him to pick a peck of pickled peppers...Oh no...Wait, That was Peter Pepper!

    How do you figure that?

    Men willing to risk being stomped by union thugs in order to get the work done in an effort to feed their families can hardly be considered cowards.

    However...A large group of men that would drag an individual out of his vehicle and attempt to stomp him could easily be described as cowards!

    It doesn't take much thinking to figure out that setting up a picket line costs many people money too.
    Many more people than are affected by the guy crossing the picket line.

    If I have a load that has to be delivered and you have your little picket line set up...I will cross it!

    Funny how the union guys always resort to criminal acts in an effort to get their point across...Wouldn't it be ironic if the truck that you sabatoged in the morning was the very same truck that crashed into and killed your family in the afternoon?

    Victims of your foolish act.

    Yes...It is.

    There is a distinct difference between a union and an association...

    A union uses collective bargaining and more often than not force backed up with violence to negotiate and stongarm businesses to provide wages and benefits to their employess at the rates that they demand.

    (You union guys can bleat all you want to about how it's just a business thing and there isn't any union provoked violence...But I have seen it too many times to buy into the lie)

    An association such as the OOIDA represents a group of individuals and/or businesses in the political and legal arenas to assist them in creating a better business environment in which to operate.
    If I run my business poorly and lose customers the OOIDA isn't going to force or attempt to force my customers to reinstate me, However a union will threaten all sorts of problems for a business that attempts to remove a non productive worker regardless of the situation.

    The unions are so weak these days and their membership is so small that you could not generate enough business to keep a company such as that open...
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  3. lovesthedrive

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Sorrento Maine
    Shaws will go belly up soon. No one here really likes to shop there. Cheaper to go to Hannafords jut down the road. Dont need any fancy cards to get discounts. Also you get a regular receipt. Shaws wastes money on receipts that are 3 feet long for 20 items (kid you not).
  4. brsims

    brsims Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Meadville, PA
    OK, I understand that unions and picket lines all have their place in this screwed up society, but how does a driver delivering a load constitute a "scab"? If I, as a driver, do not work for your company but am simply delivering my load to your company, then I am not covered under your union, yes? Nor am I doing your job, be it loading or unloading the truck, cause I don't lump my loads anymore (tried it, it sucked, I quit), yes? And I certainly won't get whatever goodies your union is attempting to bleed out of your employer, so why should I, as an outside driver, care about your strike?

    On a side note, please do not jump up on the side of my truck when I'm trying to manuever into the docking area. Riding on the outside of a moving vehicle can be extremely dangerous, and I refuse to be responsible if you get hurt after I asked you to remove yourself from my side step. Fair warning, an all that.
  5. Brickman

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    Sep 17, 2006

    Same level as union thugs.

    Seriously tho if you were to do the math and figure up how much income you lost while striking and how long your extra .25 an hr you got after striking for 3 weeks or more, is going to take to gain back that lost revenue just to reach the same point you would have been at had you not gone on strike.

    It doesn't make any sense to strike.
  6. walleye

    walleye Road Train Member

    Aug 21, 2007
    Land of Cheese
    Most of the time when the membership votes to strike,...There is something much bigger than a .25 cent an hour raise at stake,...
  7. redsoxfan4ever

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    Sep 19, 2009
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  8. Mastertech

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    Dec 28, 2007
    3rd Rock From The Sun.
    On that note we'll call this one finished.

    Just a reminder.....inflammatory posts and insults are not acceptable on this site.
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