trucking companies with 24 month apprenticeship programs

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    It's the military and their apprenticeship program can be applied to many types of apprenticeships.
    Think of the difference between an apprentice electrician and a journeyman electrician or being on the casual board at a union company where you drive one trip every few days. The soldier's apprenticeship money supplements his income from his brand new job. A lot of servicemembers aren't sure what they will do after the military but they know they have certain benefits. When they decide how to use those benefits the program might not fit perfectly or it might not be necessary in every possible situation, but that's money you contributed or was contributed to your account and you can use it under some circumstances, especially if the soldier and his new employer do things in the way the govt understands.

    If the soldier contributed his money or that money was put into his account for him what's so hard to understand about trying to get the money out of the account? The guy likely made less money during his service years, was required to move frequently, good luck with your wife's job and your kids school, their benefits are about the only break they get. I think they should be fully exempt from all taxes during their service, or maybe for life.
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    Dec 18, 2011
    Sorry if this came off as offensive but here is the thing

    I would rather have them get the money, I would write the check but some won't use it for what it is intended for I'm guessing so when they complete the program, give the balance to them so not let it hang there.

    I have no issues with the program as you described (thanks again) but the issue is with the company and what I see as their lack of a real program to teach more than driving skills (they should be teaching as much as possible), maybe I'm putting it all wrong out to all of you. I've seen some really crappy things and a pessimist when it comes to company programs, mainly because of the IT consulting stuff I've done, so to me it is not an issue of what the program does but what the company is willing not to do to abuse it that matters to me. AND on top of that, maybe you noticed, I am fighting that revolving door mentality with these companies, it has hurt us a lot and has produced some really substandard drivers.

    That said, I agree with you on the tax thing, except the life time tax exemption. I feel there isn't enough done and we need to all tell these clowns in Washington not to tax people in the service and transitioning out and retirees.

    By the way, I also wondered why some of my drivers never told me about this program, I have 11 vets working for me - 6 retired and 5 who came off of active duty. I have to talk to them to see what they have or don't have that I can help them get. A good excuse for a dinner and a day somewhere with them.

    Thanks again and to the OP, sorry about that, I sincerely wish you luck.

    maybe other owners will ask to see if they can help too.
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    A lot of people grant the benefit to their spouses, or if you stay in long enough you can grant it to your kids.
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    He's dealing with the VA. Milk the hell out of them. Anyone who questions you just give them the middle finger and listen to their b.s story of why they didn't join the military.

    Roehl has a 24 month plan also think Melton does too.
  6. Mwollett

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    Milking the system? That’s what the military is for. You put your time in and get benefits. Most of you have never been in the military and are jealous of the benefits. You want the benefits? Join the military for 4 years. If not, shut your mouth ‍♂️
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    You always get mad about two year old dead threads? Calm down there hoss.
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