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    And that’s why we all make fun of Schneider. You should always turn in the widest lane. They teach everyone that in CDL school and it’s a question on the written permit test. The people in the inside lanes know those specific streets. You can’t account for your off tracking in the rightmost lane most cases and you’ll take up two lanes best case and take out a fire hydrant worst case. I drive Chicago all the time. Cars will peel around your blind side mid bend and you’ll be f-ed. The roads never clear in the city.
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    In his defense, he wasn't the one who got it shut down. Some guy, who I think was redo of someone else who got banned, started calling names and got it shut down. I think Scottie was not even here at the time while he was trying his hand at a non-driving job.
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    ~8600+' and loving it!
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    Negative, sir. I am still busy ogling your avatar image.
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    I see roughly a dozen signs telling trucks to use outer lane when turning when I do my city deliveries. Green sign outer lane red sign inner lane for trucks.. I guess the Canadian government workers are wrong or forgot to ask Scottie.. occasionally I see it the opposite but they widened the inner right turn and the road immediately turns left in a few hundred feet which now puts trucks in outer lane for that turn.
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    If the thread irritates you so much why read it? Just scroll on by.
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    Wait... WHAT?!? And pass up on a chance to be offended?
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    When it comes to rules and regulations in all honesty there are few absolutes. I have spent a lot of time studying the 200 series rules and the 300 series rules in title 49 CFR. In maybe 80+% of them are some kind of an exception that applies under a special circumstance. This is why I try to link to a rule that I am quoting. As a pilot I know @REO6205 will identify with what I am about to say. Take a look at this Airspeed indicator.


    On the right side starting at 40 Knots going all the way to 90 knots you see that white arc? This is the speed you can safely use flaps in this aircraft. I was taught to fly 65 knots at approach speed. What if @REO6205 was taught to fly at 60 knots? Which one of us was taught correctly? It really doesn't matter. The primary point is to safely land without damaging the aircraft.

    Traffic signs that are white with black letters are regulatory and compliance is not optional. When you start to see guide signs the DOT is trying to tell you something. I have noted many speed limit signs on highway exits, question? In the below photo what is the legal speed limit? This is I 285 outer loop headed to I 85 north near Atlanta.

    This is my primary point. Sometimes we can start a debate over is it a toe-may-toe or a toe-ma-toe! BOTH are correct!
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    I know this particular intersection quite well. I make right turns here, often with triples, and I always take the outside lane because it is designed to allow me to swing wide without encroaching the oncoming lane. I would say this topic is definitely subjective to the layout of a particular intersection. Roundabouts or traffic circles are also designed differently around the country, and the way a driver traverses them may differ, depending on the layout, traffic etc.
  11. WesternPlains

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    Sep 1, 2017
    The bottom of the sign saying Trucks is yellow. That is an advisory. In other words. They know you wouldn't make a right turn in the far right lane normally. It's letting you know it is ok and works before you get there. Very simple.
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