TVC Pro Driver?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Rook, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. woflpack1967

    woflpack1967 Light Load Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    winston-salem nc
    i was in a t/s near portland or called troutedale at the t/a and one day i was walking around killing time and as i was heading to the rest rooms one of them asked me if i was a member of tvc and i told him no i was not'well he tryd evrything he could think of to get me signed up; so when i said no he got mad at me for walking away'
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  3. sanityfree

    sanityfree Bobtail Member

    Apr 4, 2008
    Sleeper, Volvo
    One of their reps got half of an app filled out by me, I told her I had to talk to my wife about it before I could give her answer. She called me that Friday, I told her I wasn't able to sign up right now, and I didn't think I would be able to anytime soon. She asked if she could call me back in a month or so, I told her I guessed so but didn't see it happening then either.

    Lo and behold, she remembered and called. I told her I couldn't do it. She's gonna call back in another month. I think I'm gonna tell her I'm not driving anymore. Not sure what story I'll give her. Maybe I'll tell her my wife is pregnant and I'm looking for a local job ASAP. Maybe I'll tell her I'm a yard dog at Sherwin Williams. They've got two huge warehouses in my town....
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    VIDEODROME Road Train Member

    Jun 7, 2007
    Mobile, AL
    Wandered in here after getting snagged by the TVC booth in the Laredo, TX Pilot. They did their sales thing talking about their service which was fine. Then asked to see my CDL and then started writing the info down on paper that was clearly labeled Membership Application. Started feeling uncomfortable and refused to give them my phone and they started getting kind of #####y.

    I said I'd research them on my own time which is what I'm doing now and was glad to find the feedback posted on here.

    I'm not surprised to read about the high commision thing. The business card I got from them says TVC Marketing Associates(not something like TVC Legal Services).

    I know they got my address but I not mostly get mail through a P.O. Box. Hopefully they don't become a marketing nuisance or something.
  5. Powder Joints

    Powder Joints Subjective Prognosticator

    Sep 25, 2007
    Rosamond, SoCal
    If you have faulty brakes, bad enough to cause or at least not prevent a accident then you are at fault. Sounds like you need someone to show you how to pretrip your rig. Everything past the pretrip is technically your fault. Prepaid legal is a bad idea I agree with that. I started my own legal fund I deposit 45.00 per month into a separate savings account. When it reached $1000.00 in stopped deposting into it. Average cost of an attorney has been around $600.00 per ticket.If I have 2 point or less I wont use a attorney, 3 or more I will. If you really plan on getting a decent reduction or beat a ticket you need an attorney from the area of the court. They know the judge. Forget the schemes on the internet.
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  6. Wiseguywireless

    Wiseguywireless Road Train Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    Petoskey, MI
    Best thing to do is put 50 bucks per month in a Savings account. and keep your nose clean by not speeding etc. then if one of those rare occasions happen you will have the cash on hand to hire a real lawyer and or pay the fine.
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  7. StruckANerve

    StruckANerve Light Load Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    They saved me $500 dollars on a fine in 2005, but lied to me about what I was actually "convicted" of. BTW, I got busted for 70 in a 55 (cali) and I was about 4 hours behind on my log book (not over hours, or anything, just behind in which I made an entry, to my understanding, the rule is current within 3 hours) So the ticket was for speeding 70-55 and log book violation. They got me a $600 fine and 1.5 points on my record. Told me the log book charge was dropped, but it shows up that I was convicted of it. My brother got a speeding ticket later that week in CA for 68 in a 55. He got 2 points and a 1200 fine without TVC. So I am neutral on them
  8. Rollover the Original

    Rollover the Original Road Train Member

    Jul 1, 2009
    Just save some money in an account like your escrow that you have if you're an O/O or L/P. NOT the escrow the company you're leased on to but a private one that they can't hold back on you!

    Also when one of these pre paid legal people hit on me I just tell them I'm an OOIDA member and they turn around and leave as they know they have NOTHING on OOIDA! The dues paid to OOIDA not only gets me much needed information that I don't have the time to dig up and other information I need,but they also have a list of GOOD lawyers nation wide who do specialize in truck law! Not those trainees that pre paid hires!
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  9. Redtires019

    Redtires019 Bobtail Member

    Sep 3, 2009
    Dothan Alabama
    I, along with 2 other drivers were stopped by one of their sales reps in the T.A. north of Richmond a few years ago and listened his presentation. He lost me when he started describing there "retiring program". The more he talked the more it sounded like a variation of the old pyramid scam. We then proceeded to get into a debate as to wether the math would ever allow it to work. We all left not buying the services (though he tried to sell to the end). I left him some things to look up, (including reading the "details" of the case against Amway international and how they scraped by with their pyramid scheme. Funny thing, I never saw him again. I guess he did the research and decided to leave while he could.

    In his spill he told me stuff like the sticker on the windshield would scare away cops. ( I had 5 years in law enforcement and no sticker ever stopped me, nor had I ever heard of them, lol).
    He also said they could fix tickets that you had already pled guilty on and settled. I still have not figured out how they could do that. Once you sign it as pleading guilty and the court processes the ticket I have never seen one reversed.
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  10. mrtrdrvr

    mrtrdrvr Light Load Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    Indian River ,MI
    In my opinion they are pure undiluted ####, from personal experience.
  11. jesslbt1985

    jesslbt1985 Bobtail Member

    Jan 7, 2010
    bigelow ar
    i do not know how those people did not get what they wanted mybe they did what they got the ticket for but i know from experience that tvc is a good company my husband is a truck driver i am getting ready to go to school so that i can team with him but in 2008 my husband got pulled over in california for speeding after he got pulled over the state trooper said that he was going 70 in a 55 my husband informed the trooper that the truck would only go 65 yes my husband was speeding so he was not worried about taking what was comeing to him doing 65 in a 55 the officer said sorry i was mistaken but he looked at his log book and after seting there for about 30 min we where ready to get back on the road my husband looked at his ticket and it said speeding of course because he was doing that but there was a surprise on there log book violation well he decided he would take care of it later he thought it was because i do his log for him because my handwritting is better then his but i knew that was not it because the man i had left him for almost got a log violation he told me what it was and i told the state trooper i was sorry that i had looked at the clock on my cell phone not relizing that it was 1 hour ahead of us an he said it was ok told me to take that log and throw it away and redo it he did not say that i it was illegel to do that i asked him if i was allowed to do and he told me as long as it is done and did not have any log violations that was fine he said for this log book he could tell i know what i am doing well i went to log the stop on my husbands log book and that days and the day before orginal log was gone he went to talk to the trooper and he said that he could keep it for evidence so we left and he called safty they told him to write on both logs that it had been taked well we hired tvc to fight it and they did they got the log book violation taken off we also found out later that the reason he took it was because he thought that he had not taken a full 10 hour break yes by california time he left 2 hours later but by our time he left 1 later then when his 10 was over by the way tvc got that officers badge pulled :biggrin_25514:
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