Two options. Roll off for waste managment or resi for republic services...indianapolis

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    Jul 31, 2013
    i have a few months of experience driving roll off but no experience driving residential side load.

    I have a tough decision to make. which ever i decide is going to be my home a while even if i hate it so i can build up experience. i want to make the right choice and be somewhere i want to be.

    the roll off position is a little under an hour commute and starts at 5 am, the residential as about 30 minutes from my home a starts at 615. the roll of position is better pay, obviously a more skilled job and has more room for me to screw up. from what im told waste management is a bit stricter and has the cameras....but they are also offer a 4k sign on bonus....the sign on bonus doesnt have much baring on my decision because that will be spent and gone after a year. the roll off position wont start out a ton more hourly...about a buck and a half more, but i think after a year or a couple raises it would end up being 3 or 4 dollars more on the hour where as the republic services job is only going to be about 3 percent annually. the vacation and benefits are virtually the same.

    with the resi job at republic services after getting some time in i could always move to the roll off side and get a couple dollars more.

    what its coming down to for me is less about the right now money and more about the long term. im inclined to go with the residential job because i think it would be able to meet and excede the company standards, how ever i beleive im capable of doing the same with roll off i just worry it could be a little more difficult because when dealing with dumpsters and compactors there are so many variables vs residential cans. i have only been driving for 8 months and only a few of those were roll off in the waste industry. this is a stressfull choice for me. i want a place i can stay at for a long time. there arent many companies in the waste industry where i am so on the one hand roll off is more valuable experience, but on the other hand from what i can tell seems a little more difficult. im droning on and on and im sorry i just want to make the right decision for my future. can anyone tell me what they think about residential vs roll off, and waste managment vs republic services....would really be awesome to hear from folks in indiana or indianapolis area who has some experience

    thanks for your time
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