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    Tyson was a great company. Did 2 years made about 75,000 ran 120,000 miles a year
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    Jun 17, 2016
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    They will lie to you like all other trucking company's. I was told that your A1C has to be at a 8 or below. Mine was a 6.6. They told me that was too high and the 8 was for current drivers.....I quite a good job to go there and was sent home. You are talked too like dirt at orientation. I was also told that my background...job history and residential history was all done and I was cleared to start. That's another lie.....I don't have nothing to hide but why lie to me and then tell me when I get there I have to go threw the process. There was a guy that was a 4x felon in my class. Last conviction was 2014. They told him on the phone he was cleared to come to orientation. Only to be sent home when he got there.....why waste his time....not even the worst companies are willing to take a chance on a felon....especially with drug and theft charges. Be warned....what they say on the phone is not what u get when u get there....they ain't all that.
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