United Express Lines DOT# 02896069 Des Plaines, IL

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    Sep 22, 2020
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    I bet you signed paperwork agreeing to deductions. Also, driving into a coop with NO seatbelt on was begging for it, my friend. The 1099 isn't a "tax status" it's a tax form for an independent contractor. Since you were running all their equipment without it being "leased" to you they misclassified you and therefore cheated. This is the fraud others are mentioning because you were in all actuality an employee and should have been issued a w2.
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    Nov 12, 2020
    how to spot scammers in truck industry :)
    U.S Eastern Europeans truck company scam con artist and charlatanly guideline:), in the most elementary bases.
    1) Eastern European u.s truckingcompanyscams ask driver to signed form agreeing to give scammers right to steal To withhold drivers wages for all expensive of operating busines their busines. Including but not limited to insurance premium deductible $$$ divided into weekly charge to drivers $700 withhold from wage.
    √charge withholding drivers wages for all Trucks maintenance expenses & repairs.

    ✓All equipment deterioration repair charged to drivers including Not limit for flat tires, cracked windshields. and new tires lol
    √ withholding drivers wages- for all truck unsafe equipment violation tickets from agencies like #Highwaypatrol & #usdot department of transportion charge to drivers .
    Their Moto is we don't fix anything and blame drivers steal drivers wages to repair our company equipment.
    ✓Schedule late delivery & pick up by lying to brokers .
    Withholding drivers wages for late delivery even though they schedule pick up late.

    Expect driver to pick earlier than schedule or steal driver wage upto $1500 bogus fees with a threat of withholding more wage.
    They have thea audacity to book load while driver is stuck at receiver waiting to be unloaded . And blame drivers for being late.

    Eastern European blame driver for being late even though they himself who are running ahead of drivers scheduling load before first loads get delivered.
    Lol 10 hour later still first load is not unloaded by receivers from truck but of course they don't care they blame drivers and withholding wages for bogus later fee.

    They create bougs rules to steal driver wage by withholding .

    2) √don't pay Driver's wage for 3 weeks. Let driver beg for money lol That is 21 days. And driver get paid few pennies on the 4th week. That is 28 days.
    Stay away from Eastern European company unless you want to be a slave.
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    You have posted this in several threads. You have got your point acro,ss so enough is enough.
  5. Lonesome

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    Let me guess. You thought you could beat the system. Didn't happen, eh?
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    Dec 13, 2020
    Exactly, that’s my concern too. What we do with that actions that euro trucking companies do? Everyones that I know do the same.
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    Jun 19, 2018
    Nothing much you can do, except don't work for them. Get the word out, tell your driver buddies, be active in social media and share your experiences.

    Good luck!!
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