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    Jul 10, 2012
    Does UPS Freight do hair or urine drug screening? I'm kidding just wanted to get your attention. Anyway, I have an opportunity at UPS Freight as a part time dockworker, I am hoping to eventually become a driver for them. My first question is I was expecting a drug screen to be performed after the background check came back but I was told they don't drug screen for part time dockworkers. I'll take a drug screen all day everyday but should I take that as a red flag that they are desperate for anyone? I know that they may want to save money but I don't want to work with a bunch of addicts. Also, is this a good opportunity to eventually become full time or should I expect to be a part timer for a long time? I have read their reviews and they seem to be ok just not what I expected. I also already have a Class A CDL and tanker endorsement I just need to Hazmat and doubles/triples. Thanks
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    I've worked for UPS Freight as a road driver for 10 years, My advice would be to apply to Old Dominion. This place is brutal for new hires with terrible pay and an inconsistent work schedule for years. OD is a much better option imo.
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    Jul 10, 2012
    I appreciate the advice. That's the same feeling I have about them and I probably will look into Old Dominion.
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    You'd be hard pressed to find a company that doesn't do a drug screen on applicants, and random screens after you're hired. It's the law, not usually the company.
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    I'm always late to replying but a late answer may help someone in the future.

    They don't drug test casual dock workers cause they wouldn't get anyone to work for $10.50 an hour if they did. Everyone who's job at UPGF involves a CDL is subject to randoms.

    The latest contract did suck for new hires. Increased the length of the pay scale and dropped starting pay. However once you're hired full time you're pretty much guaranteed work. If it's slow you have the right to bump casuals. Even ones with more seniority. Granted that pretty much means working the dock.

    Old Dominion is non union if that matters to you.
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